Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 05 – Fun Failing with Friends

It's a virtual world, why does she need to adjust her top? Oh right, fanservice. How could I not keep that in mind.

Before I get into the actual post itself, I have a few words on things I find interesting. There was a little conversation yesterday that began with my deeming banter between the Manchester United players Wayne Rooney and Phil Jones over the latter having Quagmire from Family Guy as the background on his iPhone as fairly banal. The debate eventually got caught up on the point that, could someone who appears to like only popular media and lacking in any sort of personality quirks could be interesting. Any thoughts on this topic would be welcome on this, as well as anything that follows.

Phil Jones, in case you were wondering. Like the new Beckenbauer supposedly.

Now onto the action in Haganai. The idea from the 2nd episode of having the cast play an RPG is repeated again with similar results. Plot wise, the growing tension between Kobato and Kodaka which conflicts with the growing closeness between Kodaka and Maria. The fake vampire versus a younger version of Index (before her entire schtick became eating), I don’t know how much I can take.

Just like my food supply at home...just replace that cabinet with a fridge and the potato chips with beer. Yep, just like home.

Let’s just start with a couple of Maria’s additional character quirks that are introduced in this episode. She stockpiles potato chips given to her by Yozora because of the fecal quality of the nun’s cooking she has to endure for dinner. She spends much of the rest of the episode calling things poop. Plus as soon as she is given a bento by Kodaka, she immediately takes to calling him Onii-chan. Plus her childish attributes of being able to lose attention quickly and fall asleep come into play at a very inconvenient time for Kodaka. Thankfully she didn’t end up trying to bite off the top of Kodaka’s head by the end of the episode.

Maria in about 4 episodes, at least I hope not.

Then there’s the issue of Kobato, a character who seems to alternate between absolutely adorable to not worth caring about in my view. Sena’s reference to OreImo‘s title directed at Kobato plays toward that first view. Then, I could be cruel and say that Hanazawa Kana didn’t really have to push herself in playing a character who struggles to maintain an act, but its more a case of Kobato just being all over the place. That will probably only get worse as she is pushed toward a simple possessive brocon type role, just as Yukimura is already on the periphery of things.

Brocon mode. Engaged.

Then the gaming action, it’s another RPG this time filled with in-jokes. These include wizards are actually 30-year-old virgin otaku stereotypes, the game manufacturer is clearly a play on Microsoft, the demon king was beaten in the prologue that Rika skipped and of course minimal clothing. Kodaka empathizing with ugly low-level monsters who had not been programmed to attack was pretty good. Yozora and Sena once again contributing to the others downfall was predictable. Ultimately I didn’t really see the point of it all until they were dumping the boxes with the game equipment and they actually looked like a group of friends.

Just look at the polygon count on these textures! It must be billions per second.

Final Thoughts: I’m tempted to just start assigning names to characters based on their attributes at this point. So far I’d only have Maria as Index Lite because it sounds like something I could store in excessive quantities in my refrigerator. Since I brought it up before, I think I’m going to start keeping track of Yukimura’s lines spoken to characters other than Kodaka. In this episode it was all of one time. Next week is karaoke, where Sena will once again excel obviously.

Just think of the implications of this question: where is Sena's right hand?

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