Kaiba 04 “Grandma’s Room of Memories”

The 3rd episode of Kaiba is arguably one of the best episodes of the series, in the 4th installment there are a few interesting in Kaiba’s first trip in Chroniko’s body. There’s the grandmother who isolates herself from tragedy in her own memories who takes center stage in this episode, her grandchildren who desire a secret treasure hidden in her memories and a choice she makes at the end. Plus, there was more of the usual Vanilla chasing Chroniko’s ass in vain.

First the grandmother, who cares for her grandchildren deeply after they were abandoned by their parents who wanted to leave life on a desolate world. Following the tragic loss of her husband, who only wanted to grab a flower that she loved from the top of the windmill they owned, she consciously refused to believe that he had died. I can’t say I really blamed her once Kaiba was able to look at her memories.

That itself proved to be an interesting take on one’s mind. At first Kaiba examined blacked out book symbolic of all of the things she blocked out of her mind in public. Once Kaiba found the secret passage, he then has a conversation with her which centers around her own sense of loneliness at the passing of her husband and her grandchildren.

The grandchildren, she says, are too focused on leaving the planet just as their parents did. She says they do not have much of a sense of perspective on the impacts they have with their everyday living on smaller creatures. As a result, they are great creatures of their own and shouldn’t feel insignificant. Then she mentions the treasure they are always after and says it would have no value to them.

At the end of her conversation she comes to finally accept that her husband really is dead only to have him appear in her thoughts. Given the choice of staying where she is or joining her love on the other side, she takes the latter. Kaiba then has to escape from the mind of a dying woman like a dream collapsing in Inception.

This was actually the happiest end to this episode. Kaiba reveals the location of the treasure to the grandchildren, who discover that it is items that held nostalgic value only to the grandmother. Kaiba himself would have to leave the planet with Vanilla to continue to chart the sadness in this particular universe. They would have been accompanied by the grandchildren who smuggled themselves aboard, but the died in storage unable to acclimatize to a different environment.

I think this episode continues one of the themes that has been the continuous chain of bad events that seem to happen to good people. Chroniko’s aunt in the last episode worked hard after her sister died, but had the accident that cost her both her arms. There were the numerous people who were taken advantage of by a human trafficker in the second episode. This time a potentially touching moment turned into tragedy even after the grandmother’s children had deserted her. Bad things happen to good people.