Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 06 – Solving for x and the Utility of Karaoke

Silly Rika, that mic isn't food. At least until someone shops in a McRib.

So what did we get out of this episode exactly? Insert songs and basic math. Rather than go the conventional route for fanservice, we get the much more monetarily traditional route of trying to sell character albums.

Nope, you aren't going to hear this for a few months at least.

Alright, so that’s a little harsh (is it really?), but what really happened? Kodaka summoned a repressed memory in his dream and in the club they decided to try karaoke then went. After that we got a mess of Kobato trying to solve for x plus Sena and Yozora not understanding the concept of utility in the pricing of karaoke boxes. Once again, probably giving this episode too much credit.

This is framed way too weird. Like Kodaka has become a character from another show, sans the whole rape, pile of bodies and other assorted murder stuff.

So what worked well here. Rika notched up the flirtation to 11. I think Yukimura may have actually talked to another character apart for Kodaka, though does talking to Rika in the preview really count? Hell, even his manner of speaking is practically feminine at this point. Kobato trying to solve the time math problem because Kodaka asked her was rather adorable actually. Yozora and Sena’s inadvertent duet also once again turned into a game to get the most points on the same song. Despite Sena’s protest, if there is one thing I have learned from watching terrible movies over the years, second place is the first loser.

Forever alone is a way of life, especially if it involves being abandoned by friends.

Among the things I didn’t like in this episode was the flashback dream. Kodaka should not narrating his own dream while he is sleeping then pretending he forgot what happened, just no. There was also Kobato’s song being intentionally omitted simply to make more cash from her character album. Kodaka turning into a god-tier socialite was also annoying. You would think he’d be the most popular person in the world if he just had normal colored hair. Yet, the guy working the counter at karaoke box wasn’t afraid of him like every other normal person who has run into him so far.

"When you're finished with that Kobato, can you then solve the Riemann hypothesis?"

So next week it’s all about what happens during summer vacation with this ragtag group of friends who refuse to call themselves friends. I’m sure their will be misunderstandings galore as Kodaka is caught in yet another game between Sena and Yozora; for his affections. Also the episode title pretty much matches my own situation. I think I’ve made like 3 calls from my phone in the last month or something.

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  1. I’ve made no phone calls since last summer!

    Who needs Photoshop when you have MSPAINT AND MSWORD HUH

    P.S. I dropped this show at episode two sorry for not reading your posts

    1. I read that as M SWORD, which would be an interesting product. I can’t say I’m too surprised by the raft of people quitting on this show and going to other stuff that I happen to not be watching. No doubt episodically blogging Maken-ki would get me even fewer comments unless I started throwing up NSFW pics.

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