Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights Episode 3

Schenkopp lands the first attack of the fight with a knee to the groin.

The 3rd episode of this arc sees a little more filled in on Luneberg’s history, especially with regards to the Rosenritter. Schenkopp’s career gets a much needed boost, though not in the way he probably would have wanted it. Ultimately, the real theme of the episode is on how some people are not able to adjust to positions of power.

First, Luneberg’s past comes to the fore via Linz and Schenkopp’s personal recollections after he is spotted on the ground. He isn’t remembered particularly fondly after he deserted the Rosenritter, but he was an elite fighter when it came to ground combat. Schenkopp particularly remembered losing to him in an intra-squadron semifinal match.

Hmm, even by Imperial standards this Luneberg is a gigantic asshole.

Also taking an interest in him was Kircheis. Reinhard had already made it clear that he hated Luneberg, as a person, however Kircheis wanted to make sure that he was talented enough to assist in their goals. What he found in researching his background was a marriage into nobility via less than noble means. Needless to say, Kircheis thinks Reinhard would probably hate Luneberg even more if he found out about that.

Schenkopp and his men eventually do eventually catch up to Wahnschaffe, who had not deserted, but rather his vehicle had broken down. He did complain of missing out on something to his subordinates before complaining about Schenkopp being there. After Linz informed him of their situation and recommended retreating, he ordered them to do so, but not before Schenkopp planted a bomb in the disabled vehicle. Schenkopp had thought during this exchange of how much Wahnschaffe had changed after taking command, as he had become inflexible and unskilled in command.

Damn that Schenkopp for being competent. Wasn't I supposed to be a good admiral?

As they drove away, Schenkopp knew the trap was pointless, but he wondered how much stronger Luneberg had become since they last met. It didn’t take long for him to find out as missiles came flying in at the Rosenritter from above. In the panic that ensued, Wahnschaffe was mortally wounded, but he was able to observe the fight between Luneberg and Schenkopp. From the very start, Schenkopp appeared dominant with Luneberg only able to succeed in holding Schenkopp off. This encounter seemed disappointing to Schenkopp, and he complained that the noble life had eroded Luneberg’s fighting abilities. After Decken, Linz and Blumehart wreaked havoc, Schenkopp took Wahnschaffe with them. Luneberg was pleased with the outcome of the battle as it confirmed the presence of an Alliance base, plus they took out many men and vehicles.

Wahnschaffe was declared dead in surgery just after they returned to base, which presented another organizational problem. Cerebrese wanted Schenkopp to send his men back out there, but Schenkopp was merely the senior officer and didn’t have authority to do so. So angrily, Cerebrese made him interim commander of the unit and the first thing he did was suggest that the admiral call for fleet assistance. The whole matter had Schenkopp wishing he could have a competent commander someday.

As Yang rubbed his head as other Alliance officers were wondering what happened to Bucock’s fleet. What happened was they received the request sent by Cerebrese. After thinking long and hard about the possibility of it being a trap, Bucock ordered his fleet to move in anyway. He knew it could be the start of something bigger, but he insisted he wanted to get out of it alive.

Ah what the hell, let's move in anyway.

Thoughts: Now I can see why Bucock’s decision to ignore orders was important on the grand scheme of things. It was the beginning of a chain that will lead to an insignificant part of the battle to grow larger as the Empire will have to send over another fleet to protect Grimmelshausen, which will lead to more reinforcements from the Alliance. All from that one decision. I wonder when Yang or Reinhard will have any impact on events though.