Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 07 – The One with the Cell Phones

About as much action as one can get from an episode of Haganai

The 7th episode of Haganai revolved entirely around one simple question: How do people with no friends coordinate their schedules? By the end of the episode they were power cell phone users capable of using their phones to exchange contacts with minimal effort, and spam the hell out of each other. There was some other stuff too I guess. Though, it would be hard to call it all that relevant.

Kobato does not like the sun, which means no screen time

This episodes starts with a simple problem, or rather a perceived problem. That is there was no way to know who would be in the club room during their summer break. The initial confusion had all sorts of cascading effects like affecting Sena’s sleep schedule, Maria’s diet and Yukimura’s determination to kill himself for displaying dishonor. This was all rather over the top and silly, where common sense seemed to desert every character. Not that it was a trait that could be attached to any character to begin with, but I digress.

Preservatives will be the death of you, you need raw protein instead

Having made the early call that they had to use a method to communicate with each other away from the clubroom, Kodaka seemed to once again be fully in charge. After running out of options, they went for the Hail Mary. Using their cell phones to make phone calls to other people. The ensuing mess that followed revealed some startling information:

  • Giving cell phones to complete introverts really serves no purpose
  • The amount of yen put into having those phones could be better served for another purpose (fuel to keep warm outside, dropped from a helicopter to devalue it, etc.)
  • The gap between 16 and 17 years old is an intellectual chasm
  • Sena’s father is more in tune with her daughters needs than anyone gives him credit for
Sena's default defense mechanism is to showcase an area where no one can beat her, or is that two?

Sena didn’t have a cell phone at this point and launched into a typical tsundere rant about how she doesn’t want a phone while really wanting a phone. However, she was amazingly able to get Kodaka’s home phone from just a brief glance at the contact on his phone. In true competitive fashion, she used that knowledge to talk to him at home and buy the same phone as his by the next day.

Rotary phones are so underrated, at least until you use one then it's just a pain in the ass

As for the rest of the group, how did they use this new means of communication with each other. Rika went with the expected perverted pics implying something was happening between her and Yozora. Curiously, she discovered an interest in yuri as a result. Oh how I wish Kodaka would have appeared threatened at that suggestion. Sena obviously spent the night figuring out her phone to get a step ahead of Yozora, and she even wanted her contact. Pride would not let them get each others contact info easily.

Yukimura talking to a character other than Kodaka...that should not be happening

Yozora turned to bullying Sena with spam and she ran to Kodaka for comfort, which he provided in fixing her phone for her. Yozora’s temptation to bully had cost her the round here. She recognizes it though and is quickly beginning to realize that she also wants what Sena is after as well, and that she will have to change tactics to get closer to Kodaka.

That will teach you to buy an off-brand like Shark

That was pretty much that for the plot relevant points. On lesser notes, there were questions about Kodaka’s choice of footwear. The shoe sans socks has never really worked well from my own experience because sandals are far superior. Kobato’s determination to stay in character meant little screen time. Relegated to lower than Index Lite, unfortunately.  Yukimura force feeding Maria protein shakes could have worked on screen like something out of Seven, but killing off children would undoubtedly be frowned upon. And next week looks like another swimsuit episode, are these episodes repeating themselves like Mitsudomoe‘s numerous Christmas episodes?

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