Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights Episode 6

Reinhard spots an important target.

The 6th episode sees the conclusion of fighting at Van Fleet with the capture of Cerebrese by Reinhard. The aftermath focuses on the Imperial side where promotions get handed out to all with accomplishments in the battle, and cleanup of the base on the Alliance side. While the latter showcases war fatigue, the Imperial side continues to be ruled by politics over all else.

Schenkopp remembers one of the women he didn't deserve to marry in his own way.

After Cerebrese’s capture in the opening minutes, the situation on the Alliance side changes little despite the defeat. Schenkopp’s interim tag on leading the Rosenritter would be removed. He and Blumehart are informed about Valery’s death as her body is carted past them. Schenkopp remains rather calm about it saying that there are too many women he doesn’t deserve to marry.

Schenkopp, however, is clearly affected by her death as they walk away. He starts singing a song that he memorized from a woman he once saw, but couldn’t remember anything else about her. It just so happened to be the same song Karin sang in episode 109 of the main OVA series.

Elsewhere on the base, a philosophical argument broke out over casualty numbers. The younger officer was angry that rounding off numbers of casualties was acceptable. The older officer said that an extra number on a casualty figure would hardly make a difference if millions were killed. They began arguing about why they were fighting, and while they both agreed they were defending democracy, the older officer had to remind the younger one that the Imperial soldiers had their own families too.

Friedrich doesn't care if his decisions on promotion make no sense. He's the Kaiser.

On the Imperial side, Reinhard earned the most from capturing Cerebrese, as the absolute mess of a fleet battle meant that there were few accomplishments acheived outside of the ground battle. As a result, Reinhard earned a promotion to Rear Admiral, which also had personnel effects within the fleet. With Reinhard earning promotion, Luneberg also had to be promoted because it would be weird to have the subordinate promoted above a commander as a result of a battle. Also, there was a bit of compromise between the military and Friedrich over Grimmelshausen. They would promote him to Admiral, but give him no assignments near the front for the rest of his career.

However, Kircheis would not earn a promotion from the battle unless he was willing to take an assignment away from Reinhard. The thought that he may be holding back Kircheis ate at Reinhard from that point. However, one would get the sense that Kircheis doesn’t care about his rank as long as he gets to serve under Reinhard. As they returned to their humble residence they were renting, it will be interesting to see how this is resolved.

You stay classy Luneberg

Luneberg also returned to his lavish estate that was part of the marriage he forced his way into. Showing as little respect as possible, he points out the sarcasm in his wife statement that she was pleased he returned safely. He then asked her personally to get a certain type of wine rather than one of the maids. After getting himself drunk he proceeded to insult her former fiance, who she probably still loved before using her to satisfy his own desires.

You know, I just have a feeling these two might be important in the future.

Thoughts: We got the first appearances of Reuenthal and Mittermeyer in this episode, though I don’t know if their late night mission will be covered in the Gaiden series. Luneberg seems to be growing into an even bigger asshole with each passing even numbered episode, so I think next episode he will just seem angry but competent.

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  1. You probably remember, but the scene with Mittermeyer and Reuenthal seeing Reinhard and Kircheis walk by whilst they’re going over paperwork is in the main series too. Its a nice little nod which lets you know when exactly that moment in the main series happened.

    (You now know of course that Van-Fleet was not the main thrust of this arc. Big battle to come!)

    1. I do remember that scene briefly, I just couldn’t pinpoint an episode number in the main OVA. I also seem to remember that this OVA would have been released before that episode.

      1. Not sure what you mean – pretty sure no matter what the main series episode was, this episode of the Gaiden came out after. (Unless I’ve confused myself).

      2. I was just confusing myself on when the episode of the Gaiden was made. I had to look up some other things to find that the main OVA episode where that scene of Reinhard walking past the two of them featured before the Gaiden series was produced.

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