Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 10 – Bathroom Bodyguard

Kodaka's cooking skills shined in a rather uninteresting episode

The 10th episode of Haganai provided yet another example of something that looked so promising to me 2 months ago, but is now relegated to Thursday nights on Channel 5 with low expectations. In this episode it was more of the same as the crew headed to Sena’s private beach house. That is where an epic tale of pointless shouting, excessive sunscreen usage, terrible story telling and bathroom trips took place.

Suspension of disbelief utterly gone at this point

This episode could be broken up into three separate parts; the journey to the house, the beach and the house at night, so I will go through these in order. On the way to the house, Kodaka excelled by doing nothing. Meanwhile, Kobato and Maria went about failing in their usual methods.

After being either overdressed or lolibait for the first 9 episodes, Kobato compromises more toward the latter.

Kobato is an easy character to understand as highlighted before; in her Reisys character when around other people and full brocon under stress. What happened on the train was Maria’s utterly preposterous stupidity creeping into her. Meanwhile, Rika was getting off on the interlocks between train cars. Yes, you read that correctly.

I'd normally put a disclaimer of reaching out to non-traditional readers, but I don't think this would work for them.

Then at the beach, there was more stupidity as the group struggled to yell out a simple phrase. Embarrassed by yelling in front of each other perhaps? Then, why the hell was Sena trying to do a sentai pose while yelling. Rika’s imagination went wild as Kodaka was attending to the needs of the younger members of the Neighbor’s club.

I can't be entirely sure, but that lotion can't possibly be a substitute for anything else.

However, the real point of attention at the beach was the interaction between Sena and Yozora, which bluntly captured why they are the perfect foils for each other. Yozora’s sadistic tendencies were well known, while Sena’s inner masochist had appeared only briefly. So as Yozora was covering her in lotion and degrading her repeatedly about her appearance and attitude, Sena really wanted to be acknowledged in someway for her true self. The fact that she was able to get up so easily after a while speaks to the fact that she could have ended the scene quickly.

The 2nd candle means more failure

The final act of the episode was mostly Yozora character development time. She recounted her home economics experience in which she learned absolutely nothing because she was left out of the group in class. At night, after an improbably long time telling terrible stories among the group, Yozora’s tale of betrayal and death scared everyone bar Kodaka, who was caught wondering if his childhood friend thought he betrayed him.

No lab coat?

In the end, this merely meant that Kodaka took turns escorting each of the girls, apart from Rika, to the bathroom because they were too scared to be alone. This seemed a bit over the top and I could only count Rika’s sincerity as believable.

"Excalibur" is the secret word

So in review, it was a fairly bland episode in which little was accomplished plot wise. The show still goes on for another two weeks, and my predictions of little happening the rest of the way will no doubt be overshadowed by a finale that puts episode 82 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes to shame…and then I woke up. So anything coming up in the winter that anyone wants me to look at? I think I’ve proven I can’t choose for myself very well.

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