Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 11

While this could be considered a cameo, the character 2nd from left is not wearing the same outfit. Hence not canon.

The 11th episode of Haganai brings more developments in the area of plot. The Yozora/Kodaka relationship continues to build as Kodaka tries to remember his childhood friend. After a bit of sidetracking to a summer festival at a local shrine, the group plays around with fireworks with unfortunate consequences for Yozora. After school resumed, Kodaka would get his answer.

This is the face of someone who has been speaking a ringing tone in their dreams

There’s quite a bit to talk about, so I’ll try to cover it as best I possibly can. Yozora’s nickname became pretty obvious when Kodaka’s nickname in these dreams was revealed to be derived from Yozora’s nickname. What I mean is that Taka was changed from Kodaka at the end of his name, hence Sora had to come from Yozora. If that makes any sense.

Takoyaki isn't quite up there with alcohol as man's true friend.

Anyway, I found it interesting that she suggested going to the festival in the first place. She hates crowds, yet brings it up anyway? Then we had a bit of meta action going on with Rika’s Comiket experience. I particularly liked when she asked what she would be without her dirty jokes. Not much of anything to be honest; up there with Yukimura for serving as a piece of scenery.

Ok, you got your stupid joke in. Now go away for the rest of the episode.

Then takoyaki, yes takoyaki. Sena loves it, as do most of the other characters who at least want to try some. But to Kodaka, it’s something entirely different. It saved him from a sad childhood. It was his only friend when he was in Osaka. However, he can only tolerate good takoyaki. Those making bad takoyaki must be punished…with extreme prejudice.

Kodaka's hair has a deep message...very deep indeed.

So on to the festival the went, but first Kobato and Kodaka had to rent yukatas for the occasion. That was where Sena really started getting involved in the action. After literally drooling over Kobato’s appearance, she then talked about Kodaka’s hair. As was covered earlier, it was the only attachment to his mother in his eyes, unlike Kobato who resembled her mother completely.

As always, spending more money means you win. Just like real life.

After the original intent of attending the festival (tasting takoyaki) was passed over, the crew headed back for more “fun” by playing games. Sena and Yozora pointlessly competed over every game they came across and had to be told to go away by the stand owners. Sena managed to win a 360 clone which will somehow be counted in official sales statistics in Japan.

There's always plentiful strewn beer cans lying around empty parks.

They then got together to play with fireworks, where they showed off their talents in using fireworks properly. It looked like tons of fun, until they smelled something burning, that wasn’t fireworks. As they noticed Yozora’s hair on fire, Kodaka was quick to tell her to turn around and splash her with the water bucket to put the fire out. She quickly announced to the group that she was leaving, and they would not see her again until school restarted.

The rest of the class is thinking he did something unimaginably horrible to make her cry.

And what an entrance she made when returning. Arriving fashionably late, she walked in with short hair. As she made her way to her seat, Kodaka finally recognized his childhood friend. He called out to Sora and they finally could tearfully resume their friendship in a manner that was in no way awkward to the rest of the class.

The fashion reference to the opening screenshot. They managed 3 out of 4 correct to be fair.

I guess this series is wrapping up. There are going to be so many loose ends after next week as to make it all unmanageable. Here I was hoping for a dramatic conclusion to the love triangle at the center of it all. I’ll probably have to wait for the 2nd movie for a full conclusion. So I’ve received 1 response to what I should write on next season. I’m afraid it probably seems to similar to my previous writing as it involves ships in space, though it is rather high concept. Is it possible to be typecast as an aniblogger?

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