12 Days “The Girl Scout Cookie Hangover”

Oh God, please no more!

This is part of a series of shorter posts recapping some of the more whimsical aspects of 2011, and not necessarily having to do with any of the main topics covered by this blog.

There were quite a few occasions in the early parts of the year where I would over-consume something that was bad for me. This was, after all, the time when SCCSAV ran the “Oniikoto Drinking Game” where penguins and cats meant the end of one’s sobriety. However, the sometime fanservice inflicted hangover was nothing compared to another terrible decision.

Having ordered a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies in early February, I got them a few weeks later on the first of March. After enjoying dinner, I woke up the next morning with the cookies on the counter and had a terrible idea. Those cookies would be my sole nutritional source for the day. The result was horrific.

I believe this would be in the "finish your drink" category in the drinking game

Calling it the equivalent of living on a roller coaster for the day would make it seem easier than it actually was. Brief feelings of sugar induced highs were canceled out by the headaches that came as that energy was used up. By nightfall, I was comparing it to a terrible hangover on Twitter.

Needless to say, I will not be ordering cookies in 2012.

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