Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 12 – The Half Episode

It's not like I want to get hit by that flyswatter because I like you

The final episode of Haganai is half recap, 25% plot and 25% of the usual slapstick and almost all disappointing. The first half is devoted to Yozora realizing who Kodaka was at the very beginning of the story. Then, upon returning to the present they talk about the relationship the two of them have. Finally, they return to the club and Rika-led hijinks get underway to the benefit of no one.

"Why couldn't you blog this properly? At least we get commented on by onlookers"

Beginning with the flashback, it was fairly obvious that nothing of significance was really going to happen. Yes, Yozora seemed like a decent person when presented with Maria for the first time, but apart from that there’s absolutely nothing of note.

There's something philosophical about this spot for a conversation, where's Vuc when I need him?

The conversation where Yozora and Kodaka talk through the past does have some interesting points. The location is chosen by Yozora and has no escape routes. While I would routinely question why such an enclosed area surrounded by brick was even built, I can see that Yozora chose it so she would have to talk to Kodaka. The betrayal that she highlighted in past episodes was really because she was too embarrassed to reveal herself as a girl when they were to meet as children. Also, the real depressing point of this conversation came at the end when Yozora insisted that they keep calling each other as they had. This effectively meant that she still did not consider him a friend.

You can always count on Rika to ruin a touching moment.

While pondering that, they headed back to the clubroom where immediately Yozora was thought to be an ikemen character. This gave Rika delusions galore as her BL dreams seemed to finally come true. However, this whole idea seemed absurd as Yozora was still wearing her uniform and entered the room as though nothing had changed. Fortunately, Sena recognized her immediately and tried repeatedly to enter into friendly conversation about why she had cut her hair. Though admittedly that was after suggesting that she had confessed to a guy and been rejected.

Standard Harem Lead Is Standard.

Slowly, the rest of the Neighbors Club assembled. They had their usual activities going on as Kodaka sat back and simply accepted the situation for what it was. Essentially, it’s the standard ambiguous harem series ending.

Something something white fluid stuck in hair something....The Aristocrats

So a real disappointing conclusion to the series in my book. I think the series is so boxed in that they can’t really do anything truly different with any DVD specials or OVAs. I mean, I was reading a different take on events in a manga where Kodaka met Sena first, but it was clearly going down the same route. Ultimately, I think more could have been done with either the love triangle in the middle of the action or even the relationship between Sena and Yozora would have been nice as well. It also could have used more Pegasus.

And so ends the first series I’ve fully blogged that isn’t in football or Legend of the Galactic Heroes related, and judging by the comment count I really shouldn’t have bothered. I don’t really know what people want out of this blog. I’m just going to continue to do what I think I should do here, but without feedback I don’t know what I really should be doing. So as I think of what to do next, I’m willing to take any bits of advice in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 12 – The Half Episode”

  1. Two concepts : Light Novel adaptations , and One cour. They can’t do what you’ve expected in just one cour. Impossible. Angel Beats demonstrated the futility , or at least immense difficulty of that.

    if there’s a second season , you’d probably see more Love Triangles , more Character developments , and definitely more Pegasus and Stella.

    1. I don’t think you can use Angel Beats as a case of anything because I don’t think it tried to be anything other than Jun Maeda’s random thoughts compressed into 12 episodes. I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be a 2nd season. There wasn’t anything that screamed sequel hook, but I could be wrong.

      1. I see Angel Beats as Jun Maeda’s thoughts that unfortunately required at leas two , if not four cours to actually have a feasible chance of forming into a good plot and show. Too bad for some reason , he was given a single cour to execute that concept…. Which is why it came out as random , incoherent mess – there was no time to build up anything at all. Hell , the last three episodes could have been twelve or twenty four episodes exploring the back stories , regrets and relations of the cast as they disappear one by one , and the plotting could be better , had there been more time.

        Actually , the “No ending” in itself is a sequel hook . The very fact that they end at the beginning of an entirely different tone is enough for me. Plus , you must keep in mind that there are at least another full season worth of plot to adapt – they’ve basically stopped at the very beginning of an entirely new arc in the light-novels….

        To me , Hagani opened the avenue and means to plausibly continue the plot. That’s enough for the prospects of a sequel.

        Light Novels + 1 Cour equals no chance for a proper ending. Even Haruhi Suzumiya didn’t have one , mind you. Even the Disappearance didn’t have a proper sequel hook , but merely opened the possibility of a continued , open ended plot. I assure you , you’d be dissapointed by that , so I advice you not to get your hopes up for 1 Cour animes. Even Madoka Magica , one of the best executions of the One Cour this year had it’s problems….

        By the way , what animes are you following right now? You might want to take a cue from other bloggers and do a Winter Season Preview first before deciding on what to blog….

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