12 Days “Helicopter Ben Haunts My Nightmares”

Fight deflation. Drop money from helicopters.

This is part of a series of shorter posts recapping some of the more whimsical aspects of 2011, and not necessarily having to do with any of the main topics covered by this blog.

[C] is generally considered a failure from my conversations within the blogosphere. An ambitious failure of the type that Noitamina would see repeatedly throughout 2011, but a failure nonetheless. I suppose that is inevitable when trying to portray global financial systems as battle anime.

Because art imitates theoretical scenarios from life

I think the finale was a case of the series outsmarting itself with yen mysteriously appearing in everyone’s bank accounts and literally falling from the sky as the final battle raged in the Financial District. That ultimately culminated into a world where Japan used US Dollars, but everything seemed much better than what came before.

Now, back to the money falling from the sky. This was done via guys in helicopters shown for a brief few seconds. Not to get too technical, the economist Milton Friedman had once said that deflation could be fought by “dropping money from helicopters” something which current Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke referred to in a prophetic 2003 speech about the actions a central bank can do to fight deflation. That speech earned him the nickname “Helicopter Ben” in many circles.

Noitamina. Ruining good scenes by trying way too hard since 2011.

Of course, while I spent part of the spring writing a few posts about [C] and how it tied into events in the real world, I could never put helicopter drop of money and Ben Bernanke together. That was until a eureka moment during a SCCSAV Terribad session. When I said it aloud, it was predictably met with silence. Ben who? Helicopter drop? Despite that, I had to use that somewhere in a post. It took a couple of months, but I finally got that reference in to a Pointless Debate post on fanservice.

However, I couldn’t get over the thought that getting that out of my head was really a Pyrrhic victory.

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  1. If you check your local footlockers and the record number of mall shoppers on for this years holiday sales well, Mr Bernanke would be wasting his time.

    Seems the 99% isnt that broke after all.


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