12 Days “Pregame SKET Dance”

What I expected to talk about before this particular game

This is part of a series of shorter posts recapping some of the more whimsical aspects of 2011, and not necessarily having to do with any of the main topics covered by this blog. Plus, the NBA season kicks off today.

Back when the NBA playoffs were reaching their climax, the pregame conversations were a little interesting. Usually this would be banter about how we all wanted the Heat to fail gloriously, competitive imbalance in the NBA, Toronto’s destruction of talent and since we were all bloggers to some extent what we had watched during the week.

What I actually got.

As this was prior to my dropping SKET Dance because it probably wouldn’t finish until 2022, I was still somewhat up to speed on it prior to game 4 of the NBA Finals. That was when Kuro decided to feed the audio from the episode which had the Kansai version of Kimi ni Todoke into the Skype chat. I can’t remember much of what happened after that, whether we were talking about the episode or not. Maybe because it seemed to come out of nowhere I was at a complete loss of words.

An ugly game then followed, with Dallas ultimately prevailing when Action Dirk willed his team to victory at the end. Can shonen comedy propel people thousands of miles away to great things?