Amagami SS+ 01 – All Politics is Local

Biting her thumbnail, it's on now.

Leave it to Amagami to be the first show this season I feel like continuing to watch beyond the first episode. The second season starts by picking back up on Tsukasa’s arc, and though most should know from the first season that all ends well between our erstwhile man of action Junichi and Tsukasa, this episode does a good job of combining drama and the feel of the first season.

One can only dream of having such realistic dream sequences

This episode can clearly be divided into two separate parts; the plot relevant bits surrounding the student council election and Junichi doing his thing and they both do a good job of entertaining in my view.

A crowd gathers to witness one man caught between two rivals

The election aspect was fairly interesting for me. Then again, the last six months of this year have been devoted to the reality show that has been presidential debates filled with gaffes. So let’s just run through the events here:

  1. Tsukasa announces candidacy for student council president
  2. The 4 nominees are announced along with their running mates; Junichi is named with Tsukasa and rival Kurosawa Noriko
  3. Preliminary polling shows Tsukasa a distant 3rd, or 2nd in the anti-Kurosawa bloc
  4. The only male candidate is caught having a crippling porn habit and loses all of his support which goes to Tsukasa as the head of the anti-Kurosawa bloc
  5. Kurosawa goes negative using Junichi as a pawn

At least Tsukasa was pretty up front about what this election was really about. It isn’t about helping the students at the school, it’s just about being able to land that sweet job 5 years down the line. So we have the establishment candidate Kurosawa with political connections from outside of school trying to win against Tsukasa who was more visible due to her work on the Christmas festivals.

At least this isn't as disgraceful as taking a wide stance.

Of course, there’s the whole fact that Kurosawa clearly didn’t pay attention to the events of the winter. She would have known that using Junichi to mess with Tsukasa would only bring out the real Tsukasa who will enter beast mode to accomplish her goals. Yet, that also endears her to more people. So clearly Junichi is in for a beating, but it will all work out in the end.

Oh Junichi, you overplayed your hand here

Then there’s the less serious stuff. The season opened with a bath scene with Tsukasa and Junichi in which mirrors and missing towels played a role. Sure it was a dream sequence, but only Junichi could have his dream turned into a nightmare by having Miya wake him up. Then, there was also the needless photo shoot as far as the plot went. I was actually pretty surprised at just how far she let him go with that.

One of 3 characters I wish would have a full arc, but Junichi is disappointed?

So one episode down in Amagami and I don’t know if it was a spectacularly good idea to blog this, but I think I can deal with this arc at least. When the other arcs begin, I may have to take it much less seriously than I am this. I at least know the Ai arc will have some level of hatred from outside. Once again, please let me know what you think in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Amagami SS+ 01 – All Politics is Local”

  1. This is the first show this season I’ll stick with as well. Although I’m already dreading the Kaoru and Rihoko arcs. It would be awesome if they replaced those two with Miya and that stalker girl.

    Also, nice hip placement by Miya when she cockblocked Junichi’s dream sequence.

  2. Frankly, I’m still not seeing the point of continuing a series who essentially had all of its hanging threads (mostly) resolved. Seeing as this is going to be 100% anime-original, it’s obviously not going to fix the faux passes done on some of the other arcs either (where did the teenage pregnancy go, just… where?). Hmm.

    It’ll still on my to-watch list for the season though, but unless we’re going to get a full-blown Miya arc or stalker girl, it’s just wait-and-see again.

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