Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights Episode 11

I could make a Monty Python joke here, but that's too easy

The penultimate episode sees the 6th Battle for Iserlohn get underway, which allows Reinhard the opportunity to do some damage on the Alliance forces. Eventually, the battle becomes a mess which leads him to withdrawal. Meanwhile, the Rosenritter wreak havoc on the battlefield and Luneberg is successfully called out. After he meets his end, Kesler reveals all he knows about Luneberg’s family thanks to Grimmelshausen.

The episode begins on the battlefield where we are told that the 2 sides persist in the same familiar strategies. The Alliance tries to draw the Imperial fleets out of range of the Thor Hammer, while the Imperial fleets spread out wide and try to lure the Alliance fleets in. It’s basically a battle of wills for the commanders on both sides. The Alliance’s plan to fire missiles into Iserlohn seemed to give them the early advantage, but that’s where Reinhard would step in.

No Reinhard, they never did take into account that you are there.

With a small fleet of 2200 ships, Reinhard was able to defeat the missile ships comfortably and moved on to the main fleet. The situation with the Thor Hammer meant that the Alliance fleet couldn’t turn to deal with Reinhard and so for a while Reinhard was claiming glory all on is own. The thought that the rest of the Imperial fleets would move in and try to claim glory for themselves worried Reinhard since it would throw away any tactical advantage they held. And so Muckenburger ordered the rest of the fleets to move in and surround the Alliance ships. Yang’s contribution to this was to suggest to Greenhill that they move their reserve ships in to help.

Reinhard soon retreated back to Iserlohn as the conditions of chaos did not suit the numbers he had on hand. It did, however, suit the Rosenritter who went about boarding ships and calling out for Luneberg at every opportunity. This displeased the higher ups in the Alliance forces, but it was a personal war they were fighting. Luneberg would come out eventually after Muckenburger reminded him that he was being called out. Muckenburger was fairly happy to see him off because he thought that his life would be hell if he lived, because as he tells Ovlesser, Luneberg’s wife had murdered her brother.

I can't be the only one who appreciated the Rosenritter having a ship number 666

Luneberg arrived on the scene by forcibly boarding the Rosenritter’s ship. He killed a couple of minor officers before calling out for Schenkopp. Blumehart wanted a piece of the action, but Schenkopp said he wasn’t ready. Luneberg and Schenkopp clashed for a few seconds before Luneberg slipped. Though this time Luneberg wouldn’t be as lucky as he was on Van Fleet 4-2 as Schenkopp rather forcibly removed his right arm. Schenkopp allowed Luneberg to speak his last words, which were disparaging of Schenkopp and his own degraded abilities. The Rosenritter then saluted their fallen former commander while an Imperial officer who traveled with Luneberg returned to report his death.

That's going straight into Hartenburg's face

Back on Iserlohn, Kesler reported to Kircheis and Reinhard and told them everything about Luneberg and Elizabeth. Her brother, as top police official within the Empire, as well as an aristocrat, had discovered that his sister’s fiance was involved in significant drug trafficking. Were this to be known, Hartenburg would have lost his chance at moving up in his career, but his family would have been shamed. He then arranged for Carl Mathius to be sent to the front lines where he would die honorably.

The marriage to Luneberg was a benefit to both sides from Hartenburg’s perspective. Luneberg would be able to take a position within a prominent family, while Elizabeth would have someone she could vent out to. This all seemed to be working until Grimmelshausen revealed Mathius’s fate to Elizabeth for her to decide on her own. At that point she chose to drug Hartenburg before pushing him down some stairs. The end result was a grizzly murder scene.

Kesler had a book that Grimmelshausen had written in over the years of secrets within the aristocracy and that the old admiral wanted it left to Reinhard, who turned it down. He wanted to progress on his own merits and not blackmail his way up the ladder. However, he still wanted Kesler to keep it so it could be published in an era where the aristocracy no longer ruled. Kesler then said he was heading back to Odin before he would be sent back out to the frontier for 3 years since he was hated by some of the commanding officers. Reinhard then vowed that in 3 years he would call him back to Odin where he would serve in an office that best fit his abilities.

Thoughts: The loose ends are all but wrapped up, except for the battle itself. It seems like this would be the time where Yang becomes The Magician and engineers a great escape for the Alliance against all odds. On a more personal note, I’ve now crossed the 3 year mark in writing about this series, and it’s coming to an end quickly. I’ll probably do something when I get to Overture in a couple of months.

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  1. I loved the fight between Schönkopp and Luneberg – it was over so quick. It also serves as confirmation that if Kircheis ever had to fight him, Kircheis would have won easily 🙂

  2. Hmm, strange that you refer to all nameless extra characters as ‘officers’.
    Unless you are referring to them after actually seeing their rank insignia, I think it would be appropriate to call them ‘soldiers’ or ‘troops’.

    1. I think I have always used the terms interchangeably. It’s wrong in a lot of cases, but I think this was the first time anyone has said anything.

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