Mouretsu Pirates – 01 The Best Mother Since Matsumae Satsuki

Drinking wine out of mugs equals more fun as the night goes on

The quest to determine what I write on this season continues with this show about space pirates. Even in the universe of this show, they are considered an anachronism much like say writing on a series with roots in the 1980s.

That parfait is absolutely orgasmic

Let’s start with the title of this show. I originally thought this was going to be Mini Skirt Pirates before the creators settled on the even sillier Bodacious Pirates (which will be the last time I use that phrase) but the only bit I could find that implied anything like that was Misa Grandwood’s outfits. One cannot base a title around a secondary character’s choice of costume.

Marika doesn't know anything about her parents, lol.

About the episode itself, there are many characters introduced and the plot is unfolding at a pace fitting a 26 episode series. First, our protagonist Katou Marika is part of her school’s yacht club, which is really just a way of describing trips to and from low-orbit in this case, but she dreams of something bigger. Lo and behold, two visitors arrive at her workplace asking her if she does dream of sailing outer space.

Obligatory screenshot of protagonist in maid cafe uniform

From that point, the episode seems to be completely aware of how absurd the premise is, so boldly decides to go for entertainment value. Those 2 character from earlier show up at her house for dinner. Marika’s mother Ririka knows something happened to her late husband, but things get silly from there. First, is the manner of the Bentenmaru’s captain’s death, food poisoning. Then, Ririka having evidently spent her daughter’s entire existence hiding in plain view says she simply never got around to telling her that she was a pirate, the captain was her husband and Marika’s father, plus Marika is the only one who can take command of the ship. Fortunately, they are legal pirates. Which I think means they are authorized by whatever government to steal whatever the hell they want. I wonder if some licenses to kill were also thrown in there as part of the deal too.

Even in the distant future, people refuse to simply zoom in on text

If that sounds contrived, it is. So what’s left is the question of whether it was entertaining. The answer to that from my standpoint is a resounding yes, and it really began with the scenes that took place the next day. There was an awareness that having the two crew members immediately join the staff at the school was improbable. Chiaki, who just seemed like the prototypical dark Hanakana character, actually has a thing for sweets. It’s all rather silly, yet I can’t wait for the next episode. What a strange feeling that is, and probably the first time in about 18 months.

4 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates – 01 The Best Mother Since Matsumae Satsuki”

  1. I think the term better used here is ‘Privateer’ — essentially mercenaries given leave by a country (through the right of marquee) to attack the vessels of their enemies, and I think that’s how the so-called pirates really are here (since I don’t think there’s a direct Japanese equivalent for it). One of the more famous real-world ones was Sir Francis Drake, by the way.

    That said, many privateers eventually *did* turn to piracy after the wars they signed up for ended, so I’m sure that we’ll also see the stereotypical bloodthirsty scallywags eventually.

    1. I knew about the whole Privateer distinction, I just don’t know if the series setup warrants having that sort of debate at all. I knew Drake worked for the Queen in his role to wreck things up for the Spanish. And yes, I’m sure eventually there will be stereotypical drunk pirates, if we didn’t already see one in the first episode already.

  2. Yep, definitely one of those crazy high-concept shows, but one that from the first episode seems like it will be a lot of fun. You know you’re around fun people when they drink wine from mugs.

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