Mouretsu Pirates 05 – The Novelty of Aiming a Beam Cannon Manually

I'm going to call you idiots with a giant grin on my face

The 5th episode of Pirates wraps up a number of plot lines as an actual battle breaks out. The episode begins with a change of flight plan suggested by Marika and other adjustments made to make sure the plan goes off without a hitch. The enemy then attempts to engage in electronic warfare and believing it had done so successfully is foiled by the efforts of Lynn and Chiaki. However, they respond by trying to shoot down the Odette II before Marika’s secret weapon and some help ultimately save the day.

Marika goes about explaining her plan to the rest of her classmates

This was truly the episode that Marika’s prospects as a captain would be put to the test, and she passed. The first test was showing adaptability to situations, which is where her change of plans came in. Instead of having the Odette II sail behind the planet as planned, they would cut the route and go in front. This would force any enemies to move to go after them, plus it could be blamed on Marika’s own inexperience if she was punished by the teachers. It also worked because conventional logic is to be closest to the star, which becomes important later.

Lynn and Chiaki have everything under control

The test of her abilities was sticking to her plan under pressure. In this regard, she managed to keep an inexperienced crew within her deceptive plan. This meant making it look as though only two girls were working on the bridge of a ship while in their first journey. So adjustments to radar while being jammed had to look slow and performed by beginners. Fortunately, she had the perfect crew for the latter. Then, when it came time to prepare for the counterattack, she let Jenny, Chiaki and Lynn perform their roles to the fullest.

Lynn gets to work hacking into the Lightning 11's systems

The final test came with improvisation when the situation was looking bleak. After the Lightning 11 had disabled all of its computers, the manual shots with its beam cannon were getting closer. Marika then acted quickly to aim the sails in such a way as to blind the Lightning 11 completely. Rather than running away and exposing their position as Chiaki had initially suggested, this proved to be the right call. The Lightning 11 couldn’t fire blindly, and the two pirate ships in the area as well as the military vessels were able to move in. Marika definitely proved herself here.

Jenny can't believe anyone would have the audacity to fire a weapon using their eyes for targeting

On to a couple of other points that I had from this episode. First was the big reveal that Chiaki is the daughter of the captain of the Barbalusa. This explains why she knew so much about pirate ships and the charters that really made them privateers. She would also know how a captain would act, and as someone scouting a potential rival she had a stake in Chiaki’s abilities as well. I was also impressed at the fact that Kane and Misa never had to get involved at all. It allows them to maintain their cover at the school longer should they need it.. Also, the design of the military ships is really, really camp. Designing them like blades?  Maybe this does have the feel of a 50s science-fiction movie.

And this ship design is just silly

Next week should see Marika learn the real truth about being a pirate. I’d imagine there will be some cultural issues to overcome between her background and theirs

13 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 05 – The Novelty of Aiming a Beam Cannon Manually”

  1. I am enjoying this series more and more. I couldn’t stop grinning at the military ship designs at the end. They looked like blades that Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero would summon out. They don’t need to fire any weapons to attack, just ram the enemies.

    Hope the action continues to build now that Marika made her decision to become a Pirate Captain.

    1. I just thought it was funny that the military of all things would have silly looking ship designs. Only the pirates seem to have anything that looks normal.

  2. I’m going to rewatch Starship Operators now. Willing to bet that those guys had fit more in 13 eps than this show will have in 26.

      1. I think was more because of the extreme range that the pursuing ship was firing from, which was essentially the same as our moon to the Earth. That’s a heck of a long way to just rely on visual targetting.

      2. This actually came up in one of the Skype calls yesterday. Basically the angles are probably in millionths of degrees when targeting. Also, gravity over that distance means the beam should bend. If the series actually mentions relativity, I would be amazed though.

  3. I’m begging that this doesn’t go down hill by engaging in silly school girl antics. So far it has maintained an intelligent level. Hope it stays there. Pirate hijinks would be okay, though.

  4. I found it interesting that, in this particular episode, there was a prevailing theme of duplicity on one level or another. For example, Marika’s plan involves tricking the ship following them into thinking that they were going after a ship of unprepared schoolgirls, but the plan ALSO hinged on fooling the “teachers”, since it was supposed to commence during midnight. At the same time, the same teachers were pulling the wool over their students, and had their own contingencies just in case Marika’s strategies go ploin-shaped.

    And I’m not even going into Chiaki’s case, a daughter of a rival privateer helping someone who might become her literal rival in the future.

    Oh, and a bonus, since Star Trek got into the conversation in the previous episodes:

    1. I do love me some old-school phasers. Anyway, it does show Marika’s attention to detail that she was able to come up with a plan to fool Kane and Misa even though she knew she didn’t have to. Ultimately, she still had to convince Jenny that she was. As far as Chiaki, I don’t have much of a problem with it actually. They could just be guild members from different organizations if the characterization was different.

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