Amagami SS+ plus 07 – The Disappointment of Victory

Oh Junichi, if only you had kept your eyes on the prize, you could have had this

The 7th episode of the Amagami sequel takes us back to the Kaoru arc. Being the bad friends that they are, they end up involved in hijinks together in the classroom, at a hero show and on a bus tour. Through all of that, I think this was probably the best episode to date in the second season.

There are two constant themes that run throughout this episode; the need for Kaoru and Junichi to make memories together and the need to cover up the embarrassment that comes as a result. In addition, I think the chemistry between these two is probably the best of any girls in the series.

I see absolutely no problem with her sitting like that.

The episode really gets off to a start with Kaoru helping Junichi with his poor effort for art class. She just dives straight in by sitting in the same seat as he, then proceeding to begin making changes to his drawing. They have fun in separate ways, she enjoys drawing and he enjoys having his girlfriend in extreme proximity to him. However, they fail to notice the rest of the class walking in and noticing how lovey-dovey they seem to be until Keiko brings them back to reality.

Maybe considering my actions would lead to less embarrassment.

Later, Keiko tells Kaoru that they should really keep that type of action to themselves when no one else is around. This then inspired Kaoru to ask Junichi to take a trip together on their final summer break as high school students. The only problem is that neither has much money saved. Fortunately, Kaoru had a part-time job lined up for the two of them.

The villain costumes are so much cooler because they make teenage fantasies come true.

So the episode moved on to the to the hero show that featured before the OP. Junichi responded to being kicked through a wall by using the other villain costumes in the only way he knew how, as perverted as possible. That got them fired immediately with only half of their expected pay for the day. Junichi’s dreams of seeing Kaoru in a hot-spring or beach vanished before his eyes.

It's the last can, just drink it.

On their way home, Kaoru spotted flyers for overnight bus tours, and they could afford that. Which brings to mind that their general lack of maturity in this relationship is costs them dearly again. There’s no real sense of priority other than to have fun fooling around with each other. Junichi could have cared about the vacation enough to not retaliate against her cheering for the hero in the show as she was supposed to, but he couldn’t take looking bad.

The best moment of dramatic tension in the show ends with disappointment from the audience.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the only sign of maturity in the relationship is in typical fashion coming from Kaoru. She does her job well, she isn’t bothered by sharing the drink with Junichi whereas he was. She even comes through when they need a change of plans just to resign themselves to the lowest cost option for a summer trip. Would she keep that up? Of course not.

That's so irresponsible, Kaoru

It was on to the bus trip and Kaoru had bought far too much snack food with her. Then, Junichi has to remind her to stay quiet on the bus as they are having fun. This was an overnight trip after all. Then came the quest to eat the chocolate which piqued everyone else’s attention on the bus. Then when they arrived at the rest stop, she went crazy buying all sorts of souvenirs, then dragging Junichi for a quick meal that caused them to miss the bus.

I'm pretty sure Miya isn't going to save you in that state

So basically the two of them are very immature when together, with the behavior of each very inconsistent. The lesson of this arc is clearly the need for the two of them to mature as a couple. For all of their lovebird acts over the last year in the series, it’s obvious they haven’t moved on much. Perhaps faced with adversity caused by each of them (Junichi as the reason for the bus trip and Kaoru for missing the bus) they will be forced to move to the next level. Yet, throughout this episode, I didn’t feel for a second that they didn’t work as a couple.