Mouretsu Pirates 07 – Losing the Competiton with Time

Trying to stay realistic, the Bentenmaru sends its captain alone to gather recon.

The 7th episode of Pirates is an adventure in time management for Marika as well as having to deal with the consequences that emerge as a result. Marika’s performance in school has declined greatly as she tries to balance going to school and being a pirate. In the meantime, Chiaki pays a visit to the cafe and walks around with Mami to talk about Marika, where she learns more than she can really process. Finally, the Bentenmaru gets to pirating another cruiser as Marika learns more while on the job.

Alas, it was just a dream sequence

This was an episode that was more about Marika’s development as a character than anything else, so this post will be devoted to two conflicting parts of her personality. Those would be the desire to do what she wants, and the desire to be seen on equal footing with her mother. Let’s start with her own desires.

Misa can't even see what the big deal is anyway as she downs a cold one while on the job

It’s fairly obvious to me at this point that if Marika really was forced into a choice between being a student and a pirate, that she would take being a pirate. This is obvious both from her words and her actions. The episode begins with her dreaming about doing reconnaissance as a pirate while she’s in class. Then, there’s the fact that she’s gone from a model student to being late and failing quizzes.

At least Chiaki can have another parfait, and later an ice cream cone

Added to that fact is that she’s clearly getting more into the piracy act. She’s able to lead a group of pirates, and engage in the acting portion of being a pirate more often without there yet being a threat to her safety. She also is allowed relaxation time in her quarters that she wouldn’t normally have between missions. Most importantly, she’s getting good at it, just as her mother was.

Ririka is just annoyed at the trouble all these kids and their fancy pirate ships are causing her at work

This is where Chiaki’s conversation with Mami comes in. They both do play the same role with regards to Marika, just with different versions of her. The important thing that came out of this was the drive that Mami said Marika had to be seen as equal to her mother. Everything to do with the piracy question had to do with her mother, which makes it easier for her to understand why Marika doesn’t simply quit school.

But Chiaki wonders why she engaged in conversation with the girl with a "unique" voice

Ririka was able to balance holding down a job and raising her, while at the same time being highly respected by everyone around her. That dual role is probably what drives her to try to fulfill being a student (including the part-time job at the cafe) and a pirate at the same time simply because Ririka could do it. There’s just a small problem with that, which is where I think the series will be heading soon.

Coorie meanwhile eats every snack known to mankind, and others yet to be made

The fact that Marika was dragged out on this mission highlights a very important aspect of piracy; income insecurity. The best compromise between Marika’s dual roles for the Bentenmaru‘s crew was to engage in frequent, smaller acts of piracy because they did need a source of income. The simple fact is that there is not stable schedule for piracy because it’s dictated by whenever opportunities are available. There’s a good reason why Ririka quit doing it to raise her daughter, and that fact was probably it.

Marika, though, is getting way into the fashion aspect of being a pirate

On the other hand, there are Misa and Kane who are fairly close to filling the same roles (both working at the school and crew members on the Bentenmaru). Kane simply can’t believe that Marika would want to continue going to school. After all, he’s only done pirating and it’s been lucrative for him. There’s just a couple of things that make their experience different. One is simply experience. Since they’ve been around long enough to balance pirate activities with other things, they are able to know how much to put into each. The other is the simple matter that neither has the level of responsibility that she has. While Kane has to manage the Yacht Club at school, and Misa maintains some responsibility for day-to-day functions on the ship, neither has to make decisions that are critical.

Kane was involved in this episode too, just to point out the blob of heat that snuck in.

Next week will see Marika having to deal with the stowaway. There was probably a good reason for the abnormal surrender pattern of the ships involved that allowed her to get in. Regardless, it showed a need to not let up concentration until the mission was really over.

7 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 07 – Losing the Competiton with Time”

  1. Good point about the differences in responsibility. For me that seemed to be the other important theme in this episode. Ririka has a completely different set of responsibilities from Marika, Marika’s are totally different from the entire rest of her crew. And because she doesn’t recognize that, she may burn out soon.

  2. Nice points on Ririka’s responsiblities and Marika’s! I can really tell she is having a hard time balancing school, work, pirate life and her social life like in the previous episode when Misa dragged her around in space.

    LOLOL the girl with the unique voice, agreed! Everytime Mami talks I can’t help but remember Maka from Soul eater…yeah…anyway Chiaki she can’t deny her burning “friendship” for Marka it is clear that girl is either.

    A) Wanting to be friends.
    B) Watching her progression as captain.
    C) Bored out of her mind?!

    1. Omigawa is definitely an acquired taste. As far as Chiaki and Marika, I think it just began with being bored out of her mind and being in a similar situation as Marika. They are both the daughters of pirate captains and in school. The wanting to be friends bit didn’t come until later.

  3. Yeah, I tried posting this again and again at the office, but perhaps third time’s a charm (especially since I’m at home now)?

    Firstly, when I was watching Chiaki down that (probably 2000-calorie) parfait she ordered, the first thing that entered my mind was, “Ah, I think all of that is going to her hips and her arse.” I blame her uniform for making me think that way.

    Secondly, Marika is obviously buckling under the pressure of being both a student and a privateer captain. Given the light nature of the show (so far) I don’t think she’ll break that easily, but I think Marika will eventually HAVE to prioritize one of the other.

    1. That calorie bomb of a parfait was followed by the ice cream cone later on. What was that expression about high school girls having a separate stomach for sweets?

      I think there has to be a breaking point eventually for Marika. Maybe the yacht club can come in and help her…

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