Nisemonogatari 07 – Climatic Anti-Climax

And let the violence begin.

The 7th episode of Nisemonogatari sees the conclusion of the Karen Bee arc with little drama. The episode begins with Koyomi and Karen fighting over the latter’s desire to take on Kaiki and more generally her actions as part of the Fire Sisters. Finally, Koyomi and Hitagi confront Kaiki, who agrees to leave town and make things right. However, there’s more agreement between them than one would expect.

This isn't your ordinary fight between siblings

The was definitely something to Koyomi and Karen’s fight at the beginning of the episode. Karen’s propensity to turn to physical violence resulted in comical levels of damage to the scenery and pain on Koyomi himself. However, her attacks are just a way of trying to deal with Koyomi’s words. He eventually tires her out by taking the blows when they can actually get to talking.

That allows Koyomi to make his point of why he sees his sisters as fake. They take on work fighting what’s wrong because that’s what others had told them. There was no actual will to do it on their own. However, he does present her with comfort in saying that if they want to continue living that way, it’s just as good as real. He’s also proud of what they do, even if they aren’t getting to the heart of evil.

Yes Kaiki, there is something disturbing about Koyomi's shadow

Then onto to the confrontation at the amusement park. I was really surprised at how business-like Kaiki’s decision to leave was. He admits he’s selling something that’s hurting children, but then he takes the time to make it a point that he isn’t actually at fault. He doesn’t actually have any sort of power at all, but the effects are all in the minds of those who get the charms. He’s a good con man because he knows who to sell to. Then, Hitagi goes ahead and agrees that the children are at fault. So in the end, both agree to a settlement in Kaiki leaving town and that’s about it as far as punishment.

That’s enough about that though, because the end of their conversation is more fascinating for Koyomi and Hitagi’s relationship. Kaiki thought the old Hitagi was more fascinating, which makes sense because she’s become more settled the more time she has spent with Koyomi. At the point of her first meeting with Koyomi, she was more defiant than anything. She had a legitimate cause not to trust men, nearly getting raped by one and then Kaiki whose only purpose in life is money.

My neck hurts just looking at that

With Kaiki, she did fall in love with him, but there were caveats. So desperate was she to deal with her lack of weight that she developed feelings for anyone who even showed interest in helping her. Koyomi would have been the last in that line of people. What makes him different is that he reciprocated those feelings, though at this point not entirely.

Hitagi’s insecurities revolved around the past, and having struck that nerve, Kaiki of all people tries to repair the damage. First, was trying to tell her that the man who had attempted to rape her had suffered an ignonomous death. She knew it was a lie immediately, but his point was that her past with other men had nothing to do with her relationship with Koyomi. Hell, even if she had feelings for other men at any point in the past it didn’t mean she was actually cheating.

Even after Kaiki left, there was still the small or rather gigantic chasm that Hitagi’s relationship with Koyomi had not yet crossed by the simple fact that their relationship had been platonic to that point. If she was going to get real confirmation of the feelings they had for each other they were going to have to have sex. With Koyomi being clueless in matters like that, she had to drop all suggestions and be direct. She was offering herself up and leading the way because he didn’t know how. Whether this is really a confirmation of love or a way to ease both of their insecurities about the other will depend on time. It’s an important milestone, but it shouldn’t be the defining point.

Yes, everyone knows where this led...or did it?

Next week takes us to the Tsukihi arc. I’m actually pretty scared with what direction could be taken. Will the yuri sisters be crossing lines that were never meant to be crossed. I’m probably completely wrong and it will just be loads of action and little dialogue. Someone out there’s read the novels, right?

4 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari 07 – Climatic Anti-Climax”

  1. I have NOT read the novels and would like to remain ignorant. They can keep their spoilers to themselves!

    I didn’t really like all the violence at the beginning of this episode. Karen’s penchant for violence is disturbing, even if she were a boy. But the rest of the episode had nice pay off. I’d like to think that Kaiki didn’t do any permanent damage, and hopefully their night of gushy~gushy will help bring them closer. Though Shinobu’s presence does make the whole situation rather… uh, kinky.

    “Hey Hitagi, right now their vampire loli inside of me that’s not wearing panties and getting off on this, too.” D^X

    1. That’s just part of accepting Koyomi as a man, the kinky vampire girl who lives inside of him. Kaiki didn’t really do much of anything really. He just made some money off of people who probably should have known better.

  2. Well, there will be lines crossed, immediately in the 1st episode of Tsukihi Phoenix, though it might not be what you think. And yeah, loads of dialogue with only sporadic bits of action up ahead.

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