Mouretsu Pirates 11 – Gold is Worth Nothing for Serenity

That is surprisingly well catered for a pirate ship. Also, I'm loving the wood floors.

The 11th episode of Pirates sees the Bentenmaru reach the famed golden ghost ship. To get there, the crew had to endure many bumps amidst a rough ride through space-time quakes. Once they sighted the ghost ship, the Bentenmaru was hailed by Serenity’s flagship Queen Serendipity, whose captain is Gruier’s younger sister Grunhilde. Marika made the decision to go for it anyway as an internal political battle was being played out between the sisters. After Kane steered them into the ghost ship, they were about to be sent back into subspace.

In this episode, we get Marika the pragmatist.

The tone of this episode was set pretty early, and it was really about the safety of the Bentenmaru’s crew and passengers. I think Marika had already planned out what she was going to do by the time she made her speech before they went for the ship. Having Gruier leave the bridge to get used to wearing a spacesuit filled 2 functions. She would be prepared for when they did dock with the old Queen Serendipity and it gave Marika more authority for what she was about to say. If she spoke about safety with Gruier there, it simply wouldn’t have the same impact on the crew as it did in this episode. Gruier is still the outsider and Marika is one of the crew.

There's nothing more tragic than seeing family disputes aired in public.

The political intrigue among the Serenity royal family continued as well. From what it appears, Gruier and Grunhilde are parts of different political factions among the royal family. Although, it’s entirely likely that Gruier could have been exiled as well. There are also people behind the scenes on Grunhilde’s side who are really running the show on Serenity. I think Grunhilde is being used because they would not have been able to use the full military muscle on trying to track down a ship. As Coorie pointed out, they should be more concerned about their borders as a result. I expect this to be a major story after this arc is finished.

Kane parks the ship like a boss.

On to the ship itself and what could possibly be in it. Fashioning a ship made out of gold might have been an expensive proposition, though perhaps it was as common a metal on their original world as iron. As it was a colony ship that was searching for their new home world and kept it’s occupants in cold sleep, I’d have to say it is likely that there is someone very important that has been sleeping for a very long time. Also, this person would destroy any authority that the people behind Grunhilde have.

This looks like a fun party.

Next week, it looks like there’s going to be some life-threatening combat on board the big Queen Serendipity. Schnitzer finally gets to use his fists on someone and the minions of the man using Grunhilde will try to stop Marika and Gruier from getting at what’s on the ship. Maybe that laser shooting lesson in the desert will come in handy faster than Marika thought.

7 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 11 – Gold is Worth Nothing for Serenity”

  1. Up until now, I’ve been uncertain about this series. I liked it, but felt it was rather ho-hum. It wasn’t grabbing me. This episode changed that. If it keeps this up I will become an enthusiastic fan.

    1. It was definitely a good episode. The political intrigue that has only been hinted at really becomes central now. The next episode should be good.

  2. Ooh! Nice episode, action packed with Marika fully embracing the role of captain. I’m looking forward to meeting the crew of the golden ship and next episode in general.

    Less than impressed with Kane’s parking maneuvers though. Please don’t bang up a pretty ship like the BentenMaru.

    1. I don’t know if we’ll get an introduction to a crew of the gold Serendipity, but rather the newer version. As for Kane’s parking job, if he is going to throw the ship into the docking bay at full tilt, that’s bound to happen.

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