Nisemonogatari 11 – Signing Off

Stay classy, Arararagi

The final episode of Nisemonogatari features Koyomi confirming his own feelings before, during and after a final showdown with Kagenui and Ononoki. That said, he does it in typical Araragi fashion. He ultimately convinces Kagenui to move on and is thus able to keep his life the same, only without the threat to his sisters anymore.

At least it didn't mean anything to him

Koyomi just continued to be Koyomi to the brutal end here. The episode starts with his obviously perverted ways of determining how he felt about Tsukihi, by kissing her when she was asleep. He got launched into the air like he deserved, but it really meant nothing to him. A rare sign of maturity, though the methodology to get there was painfully flawed.

More money was spent on this scene than the actual battle

Then there was the fight itself, conducted in typical fashion for him. After letting Shinobu feed off him, he fought against the vastly superior Kagenui and employed his usual tactic of boring his opponent to death until they decide they have better things to do. That did not prevent him from pandering to the audience with the line about how great it is to have a sister who is not really a sister. He still did lose several gallons of blood though that was more of a stylistic thing to someone who can heal almost instantly.

The imagery looks cool, but so much more could have been done with this.

Away from Koyomi’s struggles were some points of interest. The supernatural creatures in the series that seem to be attacking exclusively troubled youth actually do hit adults. Koyomi’s mother happened to give birth to the immortal monster that is Tsukihi. Which segues into Kagenui’s and Kaiki’s debate over real and fake later in the episode. I think Kaiki definitively wins the argument here. The real child that would have been born would be vastly inferior to Tsukihi on every level. She may be fake, but she’s better than real.

Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood

Also, by the end of the episode we learn that the self described hero Kagenui actually lives based on her own personal rulebook, which is so loaded with exceptions as to be meaningless. What was the point of that revelation anyway other than to fill 5 seconds?

Shinobu managed to stop by the Mister Donuts store to purchase a branded hoodie before the fight

Surprisingly we have a mature character in Koyomi at the end of the episode. It is as though only this episode had shook him out of the perpetual state of perversion. Staring at Tsukihi sleeping was probably the wrong idea, but it was the most efficient way he could tell her his feelings and act like something resembling a socially upstanding older brother. He also finally revealed that he had a girlfriend to her, which I guess solves the whole mystery of how he really felt about Hitagi even if it was obvious in his actions.

I have a girlfriend I haven't told you about for 3 months because I was going for the harem ending.

The episode ends with a “to be continued” message as well as an epilogue scene of Koyomi walking up to a new look Hitagi on a beach somewhere. Will this be the last we see of these characters? Probably not. Nisiosin’s writing will continue to make an appearance next season for better or more likely worse.

Meh, I liked her better with long hair

As far as blogging this series, I think I probably had a bit of misfortune. Immediately after finishing this episode I just felt disappointed. It feels like Nisemonogatari was that third part of a trilogy that let’s the audience down. There weren’t any moments that felt like the 12th episode of Bakemonogatari here, it just felt like any other sequel made by Shaft; indulgent and poorly executed. That said, I’m sure this will end up as one of the more popular series this year for fans. It ticked enough boxes, but it feels wrong.

Any thoughts on how I’ve blogged this series are welcome. It’s the first time I’ve written on 3 new shows simultaneously, so feedback is appreciated. Suggestions on what I should write on in the spring are welcome as well. I don’t know if I’m up for another spring preview though.

6 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari 11 – Signing Off”

  1. I think you definitely improved since you awoke yourself out of the stupor of not episodically blogging any shows besides LoGH for several decades; either that, or you changed your site design and now, everything just looks better. I should probably do that, too.

    I never knew there was such a negative reaction to Nisemonogatari, though; wasn’t it supposed to be like, the best show this season? :S

    P.S. If you ever want to write a Spring preview but are too lazy to write a full preview and don’t think it worth it to use a shortened preview as a full-length post, you can always co-write O-NEW’s season preview! We’ll be hauling in many GUEST BLOGGERS such as, uh…

    1. So I was blogging LoGH in the 1960s? That will be news to my parents. Best show this season is still a possibility for this. I think financially it would be Guilty Crown, which is a tad unfortunate.

  2. It’s always a gamble when one makes a commitment to episodic gambling. You never know what you’re gonna get.

    Nisemonogatari was a dissapointment. It’s a shame really. Bakemonogatari though self indulgent, was a delight and completely refreshing at the time. Nise was just less compelling on many levels. instead heavily concentrating on the fanservice side of things. Surprisingly enough, I’m finding that many (younger has to be said) viewers prefer it to Bake. Consider me baffled.

    1. I think Nise is just less complicated to understand, combined with Ararararagi seeming like a less terrible person who isn’t crippled by social situations like in Bake. He bosses scenes that don’t contain Hanekawa. Bake had special moments that will live on longer in the memory, whereas Nise just had shock moments that will probably be forgotten quickly.

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