Amagami SS+ plus 12 – Mind-Blowing Overreaction

They didn't even have to wait to get out of high school to decide on marriage. You deserve better.

The conclusion of the Haruka arc brings with it the conclusion of Junichi’s involvement in the series. That said, he certainly goes out with a bang here. He spends an awkward night with Haruka at his house, but proceeds to do nothing. Before going to sleep she reveals she’s going back to England. Junichi, in typical fashion, overreacts believing he will lose her forever. With some deceit and help from others, he proposes on Haruka’s graduation day.

Go for it, young man

This was an episode defined by two different Junichi behaviors. In the beginning, we get Junichi as a character who is unable to act despite prior experience in this situation. By the end of the episode, Junichi goes in the opposite direction and acts on instinct alone. Perhaps that endeared him to Haruka all along.

Cliche line of temptation is cliche

The scene in the house was pure cringe-inducing stupidity. The general idea was to have Haruka place Junichi in a bunch of situations where he would be tempted to do something perverted. So in a way, he defies audience expectation that he would fall to temptation. The bath was most ridiculous, though.

Amagami in rare notable technical effect shocker.

In the first season, he chose not to peep on Haruka when they were together in the hotel room. She was disheartened that he didn’t do it at that time. So presented with another opportunity to peep on her, and with a reasonable strategy should he get caught, he does nothing.

Junichi is like a puppy here.

By the time they go to sleep, nothing of note has happened between them. They may as well be 2 strangers who just happen to be sleeping in the same room. The major plot event of Haruka telling Junichi that she was going to England felt more like she was trying to make conversation with Junichi rather than how he interpreted it.

Great deception, but why couldn't you get an arc?

After that, we are given Junichi, a “Man of Misguided Action.” He was depressed because he thought Haruka was leaving forever. He explained it to both Hibiki and Jessica, who helpfully guided him in where his feelings wanted him to go. Finally, it only took one memory of her spotting the wedding dress to finally make him decide on his course of action.

Junichi is giving a speech, prepare for stupid.

The end of the episode felt incredibly rushed. By the time the twist at the graduation ceremony is revealed, it’s pretty obvious that Junichi was about to propose. The proposal happens pretty quickly and Haruka joyfully accepts. Everyone is happy but Tsukasa, who seems to have blindly accepted his begging to give the speech. Then they are whisked away to a cathedral where Haruka and Junichi are married. Pacing was never Amagami’s strongest point anyway.

Happy scenes as Junichi scores the result of a lifetime.

After this oddly paced episode and the last we’ll see of Junichi for a while, if ever, next week Miya gets her own episode. Expect only the most obvious pandering fanservice for an episode that is supposed to be for the girls only. Of course, I’ll be there to watch it…for better or worse.

Episode 13: This on a larger scale.

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  1. He certain does go out with a bang here! That awkward evening and night with Haruka at his house alone sure was uneventful, what with him being at his home simultaneously alone and with Haruka. Yet, I don’t think Junichi’s typical fashion is to go acting without thinking with minimal knowledge. I usually think with minimal knowledge (this is why many think my posts have minimal knowledge), but Junichi sure was intelligent to go without thinking with minimal knowledge. I agree that Haruka telling Junichi that she was going to England felt more like trying to make conversation rather, and us being given Junichi “Man of Misguided Action” sure was surprising! It really did only take one memory of her spotting. The end of the episode sure did end up! Although Haruka accepted that the proposal happens pretty quick, I don’t accept, because I feel like Tsukasa, who seems to have blindly accepted his begging. It is quite sad to think that this is last of what we’ll see of Junichi for a while, if ever, next week Miya gets her own episode.

    (Might want to re-read your own post there, heh.)

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