Mouretsu Pirates 12 – Everything Works Out

Serenity's very own Royal Family Creation Machine. (Genetic material sold separately)

The 12th episode of Pirates brings a rather abrupt and bizarre ending to the quest to find the treasure on the golden Queen Serendipity. Most of the episode consists of the Bentenmaru crew going from point-to-point on the ship and revealing much of the secret history of Serenity and those who lived on the ship. Eventually, they are confronted by the crew of the other Queen Serendipity in front of the grand treasure. The very device from which all members of the royal family had been made. A short time later, both crews were safely heading back together to deliver the ship to Serenity.

Marika helpfully points out which direction is up.

The rapid denouement to this arc is noted by Marika saying that everything always works well when you’re a pirate. It also highlights that there was more to that scene last week after Marika had sent Gruier from the bridge. In effect, Marika’s deception by omission on Gruier by not telling her that this had been planned between the crews was the same as the producers of the series doing the same to the audience.

Not exactly prepared to fire there.

There were tangible signs that something was up though. The Bentenmaru group went straight for the treasure, and judging by the fact that the Serendipity group got there just a few moments later; there was distinct possibility it was coordinate. When the two sides confronted each other, the two who had delivered information to Gruier were suddenly on the other side. The crew men were not exactly ready to fire on each other. Marika, in particular didn’t seem that concerned either. The signs were there that something was up, but it didn’t become obvious until Gruier was woken up.

Time for some superfluous debate

At least there was finally an answer to what this “power struggle” in the royal family was all about and we also found out what caused Gruier such discomfort. The journey through the ship also shed light on a civilization that struggled after finding a new world.

The real end of the Serenity royal family as they know it.

The clash was really about the end of the royal family as the two sisters knew it. Gruier felt that it had already come to an end and changes needed to be made now to move on. Grunhilde already knew that, but with another child yet to be born out of the machine, she couldn’t convince her older sister to hold out a little while longer.

Misa helpfully explains how babies are made.

Then, as far as the source of discomfort, Gruier would have probably had a hard time explaining it without revealing what the mission was about. She would have needed to say that all members of the royal family were born out of the same artificial womb on the ghost ship, and rescue teams come regularly to pick up any children conceived. Also, the concept probably would have seemed unbelievable to anyone outside the sphere of the royal family.

Plants have thoroughly taken over the abandoned space colony.

Finally, the tour of the ship was pretty interesting in my opinion. First was the view of the colony where the people of Serenity lived. It showed the signs of decay that would be expected of an uninhabited city left to its own for hundreds of years. Plants had pretty much covered everything. Then Gruier statement that only history and art are valuable since anything else could be created over time. That’s especially true of precious metals since the ship was made out of gold. That art in the next room, which was designed to preserve it, was gone because various crews over the years had grabbed it to be sold for Serenity’s coffers. Then came the gene bank which became obsolete when Serenity’s new world had been terraformed to match the old one. Finally, the made it to the central room as highlighted above.

Perfectly stored works of art that were not worth selling to bail out the Serenity government.

So to recap, the people of Serenity set off to find a new home. One group made it there, but they struggled to fund the terraforming project. They sold the art to fund it and succeeded before they were able to begin creating members of a royal family to rule over the new settlement. I guess there was a point to the value of art and history.

Marika explains the deceit, while the ultimate combat maid Catherine joyfully rocks the new baby.

As for other points of interest, there was Schnitzer single-handedly ruling out Gruier’s plan to blow up the womb just by showing his strength. Also, how was he able to be heard in the initial chamber? Coorie also happens to be the greatest genius in the known universe since Serenity couldn’t figure out how to return the ship after hundreds of years. Also, the opening was probably the least informative of any episode to date.

How am I supposed to cook with this petrified vegetable?

Next week, it looks like there’s yet another new transfer student at the school. Marika also appears to take on another mission as a favor to a friend. Where have you gone Chiaki?

12 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 12 – Everything Works Out”

  1. I kind of expected the Golden ship business to be more important to the entire series as a whole and not just an arc. Maybe it becomes important again later? Hopefully- In any case, it seems a bit anti-climatic that they´ll return home and to domestic chores after some of the action we’ve had so far.

  2. Actually they said in an earlier episode that Serenity had never been terraformed. The subs on the version I watched just said that there were “various economic crises”.

      1. Gruier says, “even if they were able to duplicate Serenity’s natural environment”, the gene bank is just a back-up for the animals brought on the colony ship. The “natural environment” in that context seems to mean the animals (such as the mountain goat). She says “every living thing”, but is quick to say that there are no humans.

        I think the scene is foreshadowing about the “Rose Spring” and Gruier’s view on it, that it is “just a back-up”.

  3. I was struck at how convenient and easy things seemed to have been going for the crew of the Bentenmaru, and in hindsight it makes sense that there was some kind of collusion going on between them and the folk of the Serendipity. I suppose it boiled down to both sides not wanting to be caught between a blow-up between two prideful and headstrong princesses, which might chain-reaction into something more serious.

    All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

    Someone in the forums mentioned that this arc seems to be the end of either the second or the third novel… Which means we’re in for unknown territory from this point on, as the director (Sato) mentioned that he’d only follow the book stories up to that point. It’s kind of a strange decision, if you ask me, as there’s 4 more books to mine material from, but I guess the latter books don’t have a good place to stop at.

    1. So the 2nd half is anime original then? I guess the production team really wants to prove themselves in the belief that they can do better than the original creator. I don’t see this ending well.

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