The Spring 2012 Preview

My obligatory hatchet job on a season chart

Lower Mid-Table has never really been into season previews. They generally end up poor or lazy by the end as there is way too much to talk about. The last 2 I’ve done have been MS Painted with some words written below the line that no one really paid much attention to. Will this third attempt be any different? Find out below.

Uh, who was this guy again?

So one morning, I was thinking of how to describe why I wouldn’t watch certain shows this season. Those being the spinoffs, resumptions, some sequels and the like. Imagine for a second a person who has not read the Harry Potter novels. Would you expect this person to just pick up Deathly Hallows on their own and read it without any experience of the first 6 books? Probably not, but that generally describes me when it comes to Fate/Zero.

Then, I asked myself “Didn’t you watch The Bourne Ultimatum without seeing the first 2 movies first?” That’s very much true, but I think franchise films are different in that they try to grab larger audiences in subsequent releases. However, if there was nothing there that captured my imagination from the earlier iterations, why would I go to sequels that could be entirely different. There’s that new Bourne movie coming out this summer where the entire cast is different. What is the attraction beyond that name anyway? That rules out the Eureka Seven and Saki series coming out.

You mean Saki wasn't like this originally?

Of course a morning couldn’t be complete without breakfast. As a kid there was always that one cereal in the cupboard that would always be touched last because it tasted terrible. Thankfully, Weetabix was never introduced here because I probably would have sworn off breakfast entirely, but that’s besides the point. That bad tasting cereal would get the smallest serving size that would seem to fit the minimum of filling. So why would I want more of it if I had a choice. That generally describes my feelings toward the new Saint Seiya, Korean Zombie Death Car and Because Phi Brain. Also Kimi to Boku would fit in this category, but it deserves special mention for the funniest piece of criticism I’ve heard live. Shamefully, it was never recorded.

With that out of the way, what about the rest of the crop? I thought about presenting this as a new anime as football clubs but only got as far as Zetman as Arsenal and Ozuma as Ipswich Town before I realized it was a rather stupid idea. Since this is about what I would want to write on because there are much better full season previews out there. Here’s what I think is interesting.

This about sums up what this show is about...probably.

Would Consider Blogging

  • Upotte
  • Sakamichi no Apollon

This is a rather limited selection, but I think that with Pirates continuing I’m rather limited. Upotte fills the requirements of the XEBEC anime I always wanted to try blogging. Apollon takes place in a different world entirely where things like England winning the World Cup could actually happen. Also, Noitamina is supposed to be good again, for the first time in years. I’m still not sure on that.

The doctor's view on this season also has me hitting the bottle.

Will Probably Watch Anyway

  • Ozuma
  • Tsuritama
  • Uchuu Kyoudai

Ozuma has already started, and I was reasonably impressed by the first episode. I still think being more creative with the score could have yielded better results. As far as Tsuritama is concerned, I just know the director is rather eclectic. Not like Shinbo, but in a different way. Space Bros, on the other hand, is good for the fact that it is Space Bros. I don’t know if the director splitting duties will make it any good though.

This is just as ridiculous as it appears.

Will Probably Watch and Hate Myself For Doing So

  • Accel World

Such is the state of this season that there is only 1 show that I would consider hating myself for finishing. I suppose I could watch 2/3rds of Nadia Remastered if I really wanted to watch something. This just seems like an incredibly poor slate of shows this season. Am I the only one who thinks so? Should I be considering something else to watch? Please feel free to let me know how wrong I am in the comments.

20 thoughts on “The Spring 2012 Preview”

  1. Not the most exciting anime season to be sure. I’m afraid I can’t help you in finding something interesting. Since I have seen and enjoyed Eureka Seven I will most definitely give the new E7 series a go. Probably the same for Fate Zero which had a pretty decent first half in my book. Ozma I’m already watching and at 6 episodes is not much of a stretch.

    I’ll look forward to see what you decide on watching.

    1. I think E7 was when I was entirely burned out on mecha, so I never felt I needed to watch it. For Fate Zero, I’m still not a fan of prequels in general.

  2. I’m willing to give Hyouka a try. It is supposed to be a mystery series, which I think is a stretch for KyoAni, but that is a good thing. I don’t think it will be the greatest show ever, but they know how to do nice Art and Animation, and it will be good to see them at least TRY to take on a more serious show. They could still moe the crap out of it, but I’m willing to see what happens.

    1. Besides, it’s not like KyoAni is writing the plot itself, it’s the adaptation of supposedly successful novel. As long as they are given a solid mistery to work with, just giving it nice animation and directing is enough to make it even a masterpiece.

      Just like how Nichijou was funnier than Lucky Star, or Haruhi was livelier than K-on. It was all depending on the original artists to begin with, all that studios themselves do is making the characters move around and make chirpy sounds.

      1. I guess if the production committee is giving them a ton of money, it doesn’t matter that much. As far as source material being adapted, when has an unsuccessful manga or light novel been adapted?

      2. “when has an unsuccessful manga or light novel been adapted?”

        Well, in relative terms, a number of adaptation sources are destined to be less popular than the others in every season. Reportedly, Hyouka is one from the top part, and I bet the likes of DEEN and JC Staff would have loved to get a bite out of that, but they are only good enough to get the leftovers.

      3. I’m probably not familiar enough with the production committee side of things, but it’s never really seemed like top tier titles are in the hands of certain production studios.

    2. That’s something that worries me about it. They may be trying to go so far out of what they are known for that they don’t know how to execute it. That it is 21 episodes indicates that someone has confidence in it.

      1. I just said someone out there is confident enough in it. I’m interested to see if the temptation to revert to type can be resisted, especially if the first few episodes aren’t rated highly enough.

  3. The only show that is awesome so far in terms of the first episode is Uchuu Kyoudai and Kuroko no Basuke. The others are pretty much normal, Fate/Zero well a bit cooler but still alright nor that good. Still don’t know how Hyouka and Tsuritama will turn out but i think it’s going to be good. Oh and Sakamichi is going to be awesome, Upotte on the other hand……………………………………

    1. I’d agree with you on Uchuu Kyoudai. As far as Kuroke no Basuke, I still have trouble with a character who is only able to pass the ball at god-tier level. Being a basketball fan myself, it is nice to see a different sort of shonen taste to sports anime. The remaining series you highlight are up in the air, I generally don’t trust Noitamina shows any more for quality. Upotte was really just meant to try to see if I can blog high concept fan service filled shows as well as certain Hetalia bloggers could. Probably not though.

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