Amagami SS+ plus 13 – Prescription Strength Bath Salts

Miya is literally holding onto the theme of this episode

The final episode takes place at a newly opened bath house that was offering free usage to women. Junichi’s lustful desires offend Miya because they are not directed at her, which ultimately comes back to haunt the both of them at the end of the episode. In between, the cast pretty much stick to type as they go from bath to bath.

That background combined with the winter jacket simply does not work

Last week, I thought it was the end for Junichi, but he once again appears at his peak perverted form. He lusts over Miya’s friends in front of her, but has no reaction when she asks about herself. In a perfectly normal way, he said he didn’t feel anything. That would be far from the end of it.

Wish fulfillment at its most fulfilling

Miya goes into a vengeful mood for much of the rest of the episode. If it’s not entering into the breast size arms race with Sae and Ai, it was wish fulfillment in groping the former at every opportunity. By the end of the episode, she remembers Junichi and gets him bath salts that erase his desires. That is with the exception of the desire to get rid of evidence of having desire. Poor Miya, she can’t win, even when she does win.

The quest for a competitive advantage can be painful

Back to the arms race, where much of the cast were either happy with what they had or were using the facilities to try to catchup to some foolish idea that they had to change even if their fans in real life would never want them to. Kaoru and Tsukasa were pushing through the pain barrier in a quest to improve their breast size. What I found interesting was that this was the very first bath featured in the episode. Rihoko was worried about her weight as always and used that fish bath similar to Sae’s in the first season to try to get rid of unused skin. Ai simply wanted to take the ramen bath experience. Hibiki wanted the milk bath, but hid it from Jessica and Haruka because it didn’t seem to fit her. And finally, we had Maya trying to use the rejuvenating sauna to try to disguise the fact that she was almost 30, like it’s the worst thing in the world. It was all about presenting the characters in their natural states in the same place at the same time.

There's a group that never would have happened 3 episodes ago

We also had some unusual grouping of characters that had not appeared together. Hibiki grabbed Sae and together with Jessica and Haruka they had a conversation on the way to the milk bath. Kanae, Rihoko, Ai, Kaoru and Tsukasa end up in the same room getting massages and talking about Junichi. Maya and Miya in the same sauna is the first time I could remember the two of them meeting.

A fated encounter

The most unusual one was Risa and Keiko meeting in one of the hallways. They were friendly to each other even though the 2 of them hadn’t talked at all. Their unrequited loves, Junichi and that guy who read the love letter respectively, tied them together in a way. Also, I suppose they had to work the both of them into this episode. Which reminds me, the Tea Club seniors weren’t in this at all were they?

You'll eventually find someone Takahashi-sensei. Actually no, because your character will never be allowed to.

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the episode were the three cutaways to Junichi and Umehara in the middle of the episode. The first was the typical “hey let’s watch some porn” type conversation they always have at the beginning of arcs. Then came the more ambiguous question of what they were doing with butter in the next but. They had to be cooking in my opinion. Finally, Junichi sneezes and then straight out says someone is talking bad about him. No need to wonder about that, nice and straight to the point.

The various states of watching Amagami. Doing something else, sleeping, eating, covering your eyes and crying in frustration.

Since this was the last episode of Amagami I guess I can probably just move on and write about something else. This series was just about what you would expect based on the first season. Try to make something suspenseful, but there’s never any question Junichi would get the girl at any point. Hell, even I think I could have a successful go at writing an Amagami arc from start to finish and it would end up pretty close to this. I’d hate myself for doing that mind. So I will sign off from this series by saying I will continue to try to provide a look at shows I actually watch each season.