Endings Without Context 1: No. 6

What the hell am I watching?

With a certain competitive popularity contest coming up, why not choose now to launch a new series. So I came up with the rather uncreative name of Endings Without Context. It’s where I react to watching the last episode of a series without having watched any of the episodes prior to it. The first one to kick off this series is No. 6 suggested by (Dan), a show that aired in the Noitamina block last summer, when I was taking the season off from anything. Given the quality of Noitamina over the last 18 months, this will surely be terribad material.

The opening minute seemed like standard final episode setup prior to the standard exposition from the final boss. Then came the wasps. Knowing nothing about this show, seeing wasps doing in hundreds of people in a crowd came as a bit of a shock. Being the terribad veteran that I am, I knew I was in for some comedy gold.

  • Giant Golden Wasp Tornadoes
  • Questionable Battlefield Surgery
  • Death Rainbows filling up the sky
  • The best example of parenting coming from a dog
  • Singing cures all injuries
  • A public address given to a bunch of dead bodies

This is pretty standard stuff from what I subject myself to every week, though I haven’t written about it much here. So what actually worked from this episode? I thought the OP was decent, and that’s probably it.

The best you can come up with at seeing the apocalypse is to suggest going inside.

But let’s get to the real important question, how much of the plot did I understand from watching that episode? Here’s my own probably incorrect version of what happened:

There’s some complex named after the title that’s evil. The two guys breaking in to stop the computer running everything were stopped by Shion’s childhood friend. There’s two other people who helped them get to that point who were being shot at. Plus there was at least another character who was thought dead who came back to help them at the end.

Once again, that’s almost certainly inaccurate. Then again, Inushinde says that ending makes even less sense with context.

I'm assuming these 2 were shipped by a large portion of the audience.

So the scoring method which may change as these posts progress:

Character Development: C- I got some development out of a relationship between Shion and Nezumi, but it wasn’t enough to make me care about either.

Plot Comprehension: D The plot was basically told to me by characters on screen. It works for someone who doesn’t really care about the existing plot, but it’s just annoying as hell.

Unintentional Comedy: B+ Giant Golden Wasp Tornadoes

Deus Ex Machina: Yes Fatal bullet wounds are magically healed by song.

Sequel Potential: Improbable The protracted ending I thought would never end felt like the world was going to be rebuilt and everyone would be happy.

14 thoughts on “Endings Without Context 1: No. 6”

  1. I mean c’mon if you’re going to rate character development at least rate it so that at least one show can get more than a B-, because if No. 6 gets a C- I doubt anything will get much better. I mean, characterization was its (might I add, only) strong point!

    P.S. That said, if some show actually gets an A, it probably sucks, because developing your character in the final episode is not really a good idea

  2. Nice idea. I can only imagine someone trying this with Neon Genesis Evangelion…or not!

    1. Yeah, that would be interesting. It might be worth taking up with someone else. I do, fortunately have a few Gainax series I haven’t seen so there’s potential.

      1. A “Gainax Ending” completely out of context? Mindboggling. I hope its in your future.

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