Mouretsu Pirates 15 – The Joys of Manual Writing

Chekov's Ring gets its intended use

The 15th episode of Pirates sees the yacht club take control of the Bentenmaru before they run into the problem of actually making it work. The yacht club sets off initially in the Odette II with a pair of stowaways before they break off for the Bentenmaru. The actual Bentenmaru crew realizes what the yacht club is up to and then scrambles to prepare manuals on how to operate the ship. Even after they get those finished in time, Marika and the yacht club are forced to improvise on one last important piece of operating the ship.

Gruier is happy to help her friend, Grunhilde has kill aura

Rather than forcing the makeshiftBentenmaru crew into immediate action, this episode was more of a transitional one before they actually need to get into the piracy.

But she's deadly serious when it comes to snack time

Let’s start with Gruier and Grunhilde’s roles in this story. In this episode they effectively said they didn’t care about royal duties and just wanted to help with the job. It also highlights a separation that Marika tries to maintain between the three of them. They are princesses and she is a pirate. They can’t coexist at the same time while on a piracy job no matter how much the younger girls want to be friends. After this initial clash their only role is to provide snacks and maintain Marika’s pride in secret.

THAT Chiaki face

Chiaki also returned in a significant way, though she didn’t contribute much more than the princesses. The Bentenmaru sure is different from the Barbalusa. Also, that face when she saw the sweets.

Ririka has Mami make coffee instead so it doesn't burn her tongue

On more plot relevant points, I did like that Ririka felt proud as a mother that she was able to pass on her knowledge of being a captain onto her daughter. I think it humanized her even more as a character. She’s first and foremost a mother now, and not tied down to a job or her past as a pirate, even if that did define her in the past.

How Anicorpse was written

Of course the big issue in this episode was the lack of manuals on how to operate the Bentenmaru. It’s nice to see that even in a crew as competent as they are, group think still exists. They never consider the possibility that someone else may have to fulfill their jobs because they’ve always been there to do it in the first place. The fact that they are able to scramble and provide manuals to all of the functions that they could shows just how well they do know how to work.

Unbelievably, the yacht club has people capable of slotting in to each role.

Fortunately, the yacht club is made up largely of a mixture of students who can fit in like for like with the Bentenmaru crew. The princesses can take on Misa’s role. Chiaki fills in for Hyakume. Maki tries her best impression of Schnitzer when firing the cannons. Lynn is a natural replacement for Coorie. Lilly takes on Luca’s role in navigating. With the manuals they all eventually figure out basic functions.

FTL jump successfully winged.

Where Marika’s lessons as captain come into play is when they have to make an FTL jump without a manual. She has to go purely off of memory and the feedback she gets on the engines on which ones to use. They succeed on the first attempt and the crew can celebrate because of what Marika had learned from her crew.

While this does mean that they aren't being monitored, it also puts the yacht club on its own for pirating.

Other points of interest came when the camera was discovered. Chiaki wants to keep it secret because she probably doesn’t want it to seem like they are getting help from the other crew. It also probably explains why the crew went through the insurance agency to get the manuals sent rather than directly to them. Next week, it looks like actual piracy and the other girls dressed in pirate outfits as well. I don’t think we’ll get dual Chiaki/Marika pirate action though.

11 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 15 – The Joys of Manual Writing”

    1. Those are some of the best faces in the series. Also, that same expression when people call her Chiaki-chan. Too bad that’s disappeared entirely now.

      1. I really enjoy this series, but have been a little disappointed that the relationship between Marika and Chiaki hasnt really been expanded. There is a lot of potential there, but Chiaki just seems to get left out of the story while Marika runs off to save the galaxy, or some other pirate related activity.

      2. I think that’s had to be sacrificed just to maintain the realism in their lives being separate. They are essentially affiliated with different employers so they can only cooperate occasionally when needed. I actually think it’s great that Chiaki’s father allows her to do missions for Marika too.

  1. Agreed. Chiaki’s expression of delight at the appearance of the sweet stuff is worth the episode.

    1. I think it’s great that another transitional episode can be made by the stark change of expression Chiaki makes when she sees her beloved chocolate parfait.

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