Pointless Debate #28: 1 Week and 19 Episodes

This was high quality over the last 6 months

I’ve heard it said somewhere that after a while of blogging anime, you reach a point where you either hate everything or you think everything is pretty good to the point where it all gets the same score. Needless to say there were specific examples of those 2 when someone pointed that out to me and I think some of you probably know who those are, but out of respect I won’t name them.

One character I did find consistently entertaining in Nichibros

In the post Legend of the Galactic Heroes world of Lower Mid-Table I was probably heading in a world where I overrated stuff I really didn’t like and tried to find reasons to hate on anything good. This isn’t healthy because it’s pretty much denial of how you really feel about things. Do I really like Highschool DxD as much as I made it out? I think it was a good genre piece fitting of ecchi harem, but if I were to put it out against everything it really isn’t that good. Did I think Nichibros was terrible? There were some segments that dragged on-and-on, but overall it was a good situational comedy.

Then, came the week that began on the 9th when being stretched by a number of projects (Anicorpse and FAPcast) as well as getting new posts in for Apollon, Pirates, and Upotte meant there was little time to catch up on series I watched purely for entertainment. When I did, however, I was in for what was probably the best week of currently airing shows I’ve seen in at least 4 years.

The 20 fantastic episodes I got in this week were as follows:

  • 2 episodes of Mysterious Girlfriend X
  • 2 episodes of Sengoku Collection
  • 2 episodes of Space Brothers
  • 2 episodes of Sankarea
  • The 15th episode of Mouretsu Pirates
  • The 5th episode of Ozuma
  • The 2nd episodes of Kuroko no BasketNatsuiro Kiseki, and the new Lupin series
  • The first episodes of Dusk Maiden, Nyaruko-san, Apollon, TsuritamaJormundgand and even Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

I think many people who have seen a lot of visual media have had a certain feeling. A feeling I would describe as “I wish I could see that again as though it was the first time.” Over the last two seasons, I’ve generally ended up watching 6 or 7 currently airing shows, finished them and quickly forgot that they existed. The last really memorable one for me was Steins;Gate that really stuck around. I wasn’t expecting much out of this season either to be honest.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, big in Japan...again

Then came this week, when I felt reborn as a fan by the end. Mysterious Girlfriend X had me completely lost in the best way possible on how the relationship at the center had progressed so quickly. Sengoku Collection is the genderbent Warring States warrior series that doesn’t actually pander. Space Brothers reminds me of my childhood when I thought making it to space was but a matter of time rather than an impossible dream.

Don't worry Jigen, you'll find your place in the world

On the other side, Sankarea made me disgusted with how cruel the world can be and how people who do nothing to help those in danger can be just as bad as those committing evil. The story of Fujiko Mine served as a reminder that for certain people love really is impossible. Ozuma provides a the textbook case of how sticking to purity of ideas over all else doesn’t really work in a changing world. Jormungand shows the tragic after effects on a child who has only ever known how to kill, but he has hope.

I see Tony Taka character designs and wonder why they are still wearing clothing.

Which is where I choose to end this on a lighter note for the rest of the crop that reminded me of just how the normal can still be entertaining. Kuroko gave us the first of the legendary crop of players and for a shonen show he was surprisingly likeable, even if on a totally different level from everyone else. Natsuiro Kiseki had a fantastic chase through town involving 2 characters magically stuck together, what will they wish for next? Pirates had THAT Chiaki face. Dusk Maiden was all about Okonogi’s amazement at the vast school even if she’s not the main character. Tsuritama had the coolest grandmother ever. Apollon reminded me of discovering a new kind of music that you love for the very first time. Nyaruko-san felt like the comedy that didn’t take itself seriously at all in the best way possible. EvenBread: The Animation as I call it felt like the slice-of-life show where nothing happens that I could feel like watching.

I just had to run this pic again. It's required now for all Chiaki mentions.

That pretty much summed up one of the rare weeks where it felt like everything clicked. Has anyone else had a run of shows like that out there?

21 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #28: 1 Week and 19 Episodes”

  1. I haven’t seen everything you mentioned, but I enjoyed this past week so damn much. Even my end of term exams could not stop my gushing. This past week has been fantastic, and I am sure that come the next weekend when I can finally catch up on everything, and read the mangas I need to read will be a weekend to remember.

    That was a nice post, and not anywhere near as sappy as you thought it would be.

    1. Thanks, though there was one edit of this post where I went off rambling on what each episode was about and figured that it would just get lost in knowing what everyone already knew. Have fun catching up.

  2. Nope. This is definitely a first for me, where I felt like everything I was watching was good in some way, shape or fashion. Well, sadly not Sengoku Collection, but somehow Bread: the Animation 😀

    1. I was close to throwing in Gakkatsu or Accel World to the mix too, but they were probably the first I had 2nd doubts about. As far as Bread: The Animation, I just thought it worked on so many levels. From the title you can see it as a tame slice-of-life series or an eroge adaptation, which combined with character designers past works brilliantly in my opinion.

  3. I’m really shit at remembering extended stretches of time like this. Even this week will probably fade eventually, which is kind of depressing. But I am savoring it while I can. Likely the closest I can recall is that first few weeks or so in the Fall 2008 season when I started following stuff week-to-week for the first time and was kind of overwhelmed. The first time stands out the most. :p

    1. My first week following stuff regularly week to week came when there were less than 10 new series airing each week. Now its just overload for anyone just starting to do that.

  4. With the exception of Macross Frontier, I’ve only recently started to follow stuff some shows week to week. I still have a hard time adjusting to it. I’m more of a marathon man myself, waiting for shows to end and then going throught them rather quickly. But as I’m changing my patterns I hope to have wonderful weeks like the one you’ve mentioned here.

    1. It was a rare week indeed. I still have quite a few shows I want to go back and marathon because I know they will end up being good. It’s all just a matter of finding the time to do that these days.

    2. I rather like marathoning, though. I love 5 or 6 episodes back to back, and having nothing better to do (or simply giving in to temptation) so I watch “just one” more.

      There is a lot of good anime this season. Even shows that I feel critical of could plausibly be argued to have some strong qualities.

  5. Nice post, glad to see that others like Space Brothers, Kids on the Slope, Kuroko’s Basketball, Ozuma, Tsuritama, which are the ones I’m liking the most so far.

  6. From looking at a summary of the game’s plot, EvenBread: The Animation is gonna get action-y soon. I would’ve been alright with a slice-of-life focusing on Rick and co.’s trials to make the happiest bread on earth, but I’d like to see how the story handles the action first,

    1. Aww, that’s disappointing. I wanted to see Rick and his harem make the best bread ever without having to worry about sinister plots or action.

  7. Yeah, the bread anime kind of disappointed me since I expected more from a JRPG adaptation.Also, that reaction on Chiaki’s face is priceless.

    Quite surprisingly in my recent reviews, the grades I give for anime tend to fall in the 8-9 range. I think it’s mostly because I avoid the horrible shows and only watch the ones I enjoy (also I do this because of time constraints in college), which gave a mostly positive experience. If I want to watch anything else that airs in a particular season, I hold it off until the end and then watch it at my own pace.

    1. I know all about time constraints. They aren’t nearly as bad once you get out of college and find a job, at least depending on what you end up doing. As far as avoiding horrible shows, I guess I’m pretty used to watching bad movies and TV shows from my youth. I think it does make the good seem that much better. However, I can also relate to not wanting to bother with those if you only have so much time to watch.

  8. I’m liking many of the current airing series, but I’m expecting more from the Bread Mania series. Hopefully it’ll improve with time…:(

    1. I think it’s fine just the way it is. If anything, it could probably stand to be more light-hearted than it already was in the first episode.

  9. I dont think I have ever felt every anime was good, there are also series each season that I either dont like the look of, or find the first couple of episodes to be boring, or just not worth watching. I do like to give some series the benefit of the doubt at times, and am willing to leave some for a few weeks before either dropping, or finding out that I quite enjoy it.

    I havent been blogging for long of course, but have been watching anime for over a decade, but, if I ever started either cynically hating, or unconditionally enjoying every single anime, then that would likely be the time to find something else to do for me. I doubt that will happen though, and there will always be series that I simply cannot be bothered with for whatever reason. There should always be something worth watching, you just have to look for it, and perhaps give shows that you might otherwise not like the look of a chance.

    1. My seasons usually end up at about the same 7/10 level since I’ve been retentive enough to rank everything I’ve ever completed. I’ll also watch some anime that are bad ironically with a group of people just because it’s a nice change of pace. If I ever get to the point where I hate everything (more likely than my liking everything) than I think I would probably move on to another hobby.

      1. Same for me, although I dont actually rank any series since I dont believe in rankings or scores. I often enjoy watching ‘bad’ anime because they are entertaining, and at the time I need some mindless entertainment, much like a Hollywood blockbuster, but easier to watch.

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