Mouretsu Pirates 16 – It Was Really a Side Quest

This could so easily be shopped for marketing purposes.

The 16th episode of Pirates devoted to the yacht club’s first attempt at piracy with a bit of drama about what the club president was up to. After a dinner in which she is reminded by Chiaki of one of her basic duties, Marika works herself to exhaustion. The next day, when planning the attack on the cruise ship, Marika has to instill confidence in her new crew. They manage to hash together some successful pirating, but it all turns out to be a distraction from what club president Lynn wanted to do all along; kidnap Jenny from wherever she was held captive.

What a coincidence that they are having the exact same meal at the same time as the yacht club!

There were a couple of questions I had after watching this episode. I’ll start by asking, who exactly loses out in this piracy based economy?

An exchange of goods and services between cruise ship and pirates.

I can imagine the model is that the insurance company in the middle makes its money off of both the pirates and the ships that are being pirated. Yet, they also have to give back that money in claims on the goods stolen. There are four parties involved in this micro-economy of sorts, I think one of them has to lose out. The pirates continue to pirate because they make money. The insurance companies obviously make enough in premiums to generate profits as well from the pirates and the pirated ships. The cruise ships are happy enough with the pirating that it drives in additional ticket sales from passengers who want the full pirating experience. The passengers on the ship, would get their goods back from the insurance companies, so they wouldn’t lose anything. I guess the passengers on the ship hold up the whole model, but it seems like a bit of a bubble economy.

Oh look, someone who conveniently knows how to work the complex engine system on the Bentenmaru.

The next question I seem to have happens to be about how everything still seems to work out if you’re a pirate. There always seems to be a source of potential drama followed by a fortunate resolution and it’s a pattern that has been apparent probably going back to the very first episode. This time there was a potential problem with the engine balancing. Fortunately, Yayoi has knowledge of working twin-engine ships so that problem is solved. Then there’s the issue of needing someone with the skill to pilot the Bentenmaru to dock without damaging the other ship. Once again, they fortunately have an ace pilot in Ai who just needs a little confidence infusion from Marika to pull it off.

And the conveniently fantastic pilot, pictured with rich lolicons here.

Then there’s the costumes. Yes, the silly costumes Mami made through the barrier of exhaustion just because she loves seeing girls in outrageous costumes. I mean really, how believable is it that a pirate crew made entirely of high school girls in cosplay could actually exist to the passengers and crew? That wouldn’t want to be a story I told to friends when I got home.

I didn't know my relationship with Jenny was so obvious.

Finally, on to some actual plot matters. Throughout the episode, it was pretty obvious that Lynn was talking to Jenny. Yet, it was built up as this great drama about how Grunhilde had discovered her talking to someone in secret. Chiaki believed she could be a spy. But Marika believed in Lynn because she believed in Marika or something. So she was confronted by the important players and revealed that she wanted the Bentenmaru to engage in rescuing her waifu the former club president.

Jenny doesn't seem too happy to be getting married, obviously.

All of which leads into next week’s episode. Jenny’s in some sort of arranged marriage situation and Lynn absolutely has to intervene. Obviously they are going to rush in and be fired upon, but ultimately there will be some sort of friendly resolution between Jenny, the yacht club and whoever is behind the arranged marriage.


8 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 16 – It Was Really a Side Quest”

  1. I think you overlooked the one aspect that makes the pirating system work. The passengers may get their money back from the actual pirating, but they’re still paying the ship for transport. The transportation fleets increase their ticket prices across the board to offset the insurance premiums. The pirating events probably have a net loss of money, but they’re also subsidized by the rest of the flights. This means the pirating system rests on the passengers, not just the “victims,” but ALL passengers.

    As for the rest of it, I’m just as clueless as you. The easy victories have bothered me as well. The writers handled the practice crew at the beginning rather well. The rest of it has been coping with a crew that’s too good at their jobs, and now a crew who can’t possibly be good enough without the plot demanding it.

    1. And one more thing: the pirates have to buy insurance as well. The insurance company collects premiums on both parties, but by working out the skirmishes in advance, limits the damages it is forced to pay out.

    2. I knew I forgot something. The pirating is just an externality that raises the prices of tickets on everyone. As far as the plot dictating things, it has sort of become ridiculous.

      1. Someone at Asuki (a novel reader) explained how the “modern” pirating system worked. I’ll see if I can dig up the appropriate link once I get home from work.

  2. Must confess that I’m considering dropping this anime. There’s just a lack of drama and just so little background and urgency from the main characters that I just couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen on this episode. Ever since the ‘real’ crew of the Bentenmaru was hospitalized, I feel this show has lost some of its appeal for me.

    1. I probably should have known when they started to throw around the phrase “everything works out when you’re a pirate.” What exactly was the point of the first 2 episodes now?

  3. Mami needs to learn something called “unity of theme” for her projects, because frankly her choice of random cosplay outfits (incidentally volume 3’s subline was apparently “Cosplay Trainee Pirates”) hurt Marika’s outing more than helped. I mean, look at the disbelief on many of the passengers’ faces. That said, boy did it bring out the lolicons huh? *coughs*

    Well well, it looks like we’re going to get a kidnapping-come-rescure next week. I’m not sure this one will go as smoothly for the Bentenmaru, as the crew is STILL a bunch of schoolgirls, but this time they’re up against corporate security forces.

    1. Real corporate security forces would just destroy a crew of schoolgirls. However, these are special schoolgirls who happen to be almost as good as the original crew. I’m 90% sure that this will go smoothly for the Bentenmaru.

      As far as Mami’s projects, that just seemed like she was going with random cosplay as her theme. Not a very good one, and I’m more shocked that the passengers didn’t just laugh at them when they appeared.

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