Upotte!! 03 – The Proud British Manufacturing Industry

Poor FNC, she has the best random faces.

The 3rd episode of Upotte sees the girls once again engage in a variety of short segments designed to elicit laughter out of the viewer. In this episode, the girls bathe, some punishment is dished out by Insert-sensei, SG550 fired her gun like a katana and L85A1 and the country who made it are mocked repeatedly.

AR18 is introduced, and she has problems with her clothes, because this show works like this.

There’s two separate types of traditional fanservice in this episode. The AR18’s loose fitting clothing is would be one and bathing. Honestly, I still don’t understand the loose fitting pants on AR18. The bathing could at least work on a level on the ridiculous amount of cleaning that an M16 needs even when it isn’t used at all. It probably wasn’t as much as the previous 2 episodes.

This would be the factual portion of the episode

Most of the rest of the episode is devoted to factual information and some wordplay about character names. M16 messed up FNC’s nickname that she hates and can’t bring herself to apologize for it. FNC and Insert-sensei walk over to the high school where the rifles give information on their naming conventions. M14 is especially intolerable with her inability to understand anything here.

Why does she have to be the only interesting character?

There’s then SG550 shooting her gun as though she were cutting through something with a katana. I thought this scene actually worked, up until the point where it went into the details of how that made it easier to control while under full automatic mode. That seems to be a pattern with this series. The effect of a joke instantly becoming less funny whenever it’s explained. Like L85 sitting in the sun for example. It’s sort of funny that she heals by sitting in the sun, but then girls explain that it’s bad for plastic parts.

She gets made fun of quite a lot.

There is one place where this does work though. L85’s very use is questioned by a group of submachine guns depicted as grade school children here. They mock her for the gun breaking after 100 shots and the weapon being cheap enough to be tossed when it breaks and especially for still being used by the British army. Here the lengthy explanation work because of the punchline at the end. A brief history of British gun manufacturers falling behind follows when it finally gets to the L85. It’s a failure of a weapon, and even after numerous modifications even the L85A2 wasn’t much better. The punchline is that even after putting all that money into a weapon that was terrible the British still use it just out of dogged determination.

Thompson-sensei, just desperately trying to find something of value here.

I think next week in this show’s quest to drain my will to live, it looks like it’s an idol themed episode. The preview is probably wrong and it’s going to be more of the same. How many episodes are left in this series?

6 thoughts on “Upotte!! 03 – The Proud British Manufacturing Industry”

    1. I think I may actually decide to raegquit on this series and move on to something like Bread: The Animation where I don’t feel brainhurt from watching it.

  1. One of the many instances where the ONCE PROUD AND GLORIOUS BRITISH ENGINEERING COMMUNITY have been buggered by foreign interests. Bugger NATO.

    1. I sense some sarcasm in this comment. I’m sure British engineering still has plenty to be proud of, even if the colonial commoners across the Atlantic continue to try to ruin them.

  2. There are just ten episodes to this show, if I remember right, which is just enough to cover the war games as well as some of the sidestories from the 4koma. Definitely not enough to cover the rivalry with the academy full of modified AKs.

    1. Ok, I think I can live with 7 more episodes of this. Just. An academy full of modified AKs, though. Why couldn’t they just throw that in now?

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