Endings Without Context 2: Darker than Black

The climax to this episode is a little surreal

The 2nd in this series that I hope will continue for a while is Darker than Black. In particular, I will be taking in the final episode of the 2nd season of the series. The few fans of Darker than Black that I do know usually refuse to acknowledge that this 2nd season actually happened. I guess that means that no matter how wrong I am on this post I can’t really offend those fans any more than this existing did.

Not only does it talk, that's actually quite a disturbing camera angle

Once again this episode did have the feel of the conclusion of a story, though there wasn’t as much unintentional comedy from watching this as there was the final episode of No. 6. Rather that got out of the way quickly because all I could come up with on that scale was the talking squirrel. Yes, probably not a shock to people who had scene most of 2 series up to that point, but for me rather silly. I’m sure there’s a good plot reason for that. There was also the anti-tank gun spawning out of Suou’s body. That was just a little weird.

Overall, I actually felt this was a pretty good episode just on a standalone basis. Though coming off probably the worst week’s episodes of blogging I have done in the last year, I think anything I wrote about may have looked good by comparison.

Just where did you pull that out from

Now once again is my attempt to try to piece together the plot on the basis of the final episode. Suou was forced on a lengthy journey as part of an experiment to implant memories into dolls using the stone she wore around her neck. Meanwhile, Hei was trying to find Yin so he could rescue her, but it had the opposite affect of opening up the gate to the other world at the end of the episode. There was also some ridiculous storyline of American and British forces managing to force someone out of Russia. Then again, this episode did appear to end with parallel Earths, one of which had American occupying Japan again.

In other thoughts on this episode, I was rather curious about how Shion in the wheelchair was able to move so quickly after disappearing. Then again, I suppose when you have literal magicians in this show, you probably have to assume he can just do that. Also, Hazuki at the beginning, that was seriously hot in the way that 2 emotionless entities kissing can be.

Girl rushing to school with toast in mouth. Check.

Now for the grades:

Character Development: A There wasn’t really in this episode, everything seemed to have been built up before this final episode.

Plot Comprehension: B Though not the most effective way of telling the story, the use of flashbacks and exposition in this episode meant that it wasn’t too hard to comprehend what was going on.

Unintentional Comedy: C- Just the 2 moments I highlighted earlier in the post, otherwise it was more melancholy than anything else.

Deus Ex Machina: No

Sequel Potential: Possibly The 2 characters at the end appear to be off in some parallel world. Suou is back in some world resembling actual Japan along with a few of the other characters. Also the remaining people in the original world continue to fight crime or something.

6 thoughts on “Endings Without Context 2: Darker than Black”

  1. Ha ha…Even with context Darker than Black finales are a bit of head scratcher. I for one, didn’t hate the 2nd season as much as other people, though will admit the first one is much better.
    Know that I think about it, the toast in mouth might be an Evangelion reference. Hadn’t thought about it until I saw your hint to it.

    1. The toast in mouth thing seems like too much of a trope just to be an Evangelion reference. The whole scene where Suou is running to school does have that same feel though. I get the feeling with this feature that the phrase “even with context” is going to be used a lot.

    1. You’re probably in that group of people who have purged that season from memory because it was such a disgrace compared to season 1.

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