Mouretsu Pirates 18 – Getting on the Wrong Side

This is probably a strange question, but why did Jenny decide to put the wedding garb back on?

The 18th episode of Pirates sees the conclusion to yacht club’s protection of Jenny amidst help from a few sources. The Bentenmaru is caught early on by the fleet of the Hugh and Dolittle shipping company, but they are able to craftily escape after thinking up a plan of attack for taking down Jenny’s uncle. Meanwhile, the original Bentenmaru crew are able to dig up information on the uncle and have it delivered to Marika as they head to the ship run by Jenny’s fiance. Finally, a pair of showdowns concludes the crisis.

Marika: “A gap in logic?” Jenny: “Yes, I’m afraid so.”

I think one of the first things I took out of this was that the pair of scandals at the end of the episode seemed rather hashed together. I’ll start with the strange case of Jenny’s memory.

I’m angry at this plot development too.

At the beginning of the episode as Jenny and the others were trying to plot out how to expose her uncle, she said that there was absolutely no weaknesses at all, which was why they had to go to the fiance after all. Then, when Show presents all the data the old crew had gathered, she is exasperated at how typically weak the data security was. So she knew about a weakness, yet she didn’t know about it minutes earlier? Plus, she her lover happens to be an expert cracker, but never once thought about trying to dig this stuff up either?

Cheer if you want to be a camp revolutionary

Anyway, there was also the problem of the fiance. I had thought when clandestine parties were mentioned, we were in for something like a Berlusconi-esque bunga-bunga party. I was probably asking for too much as it was just another camp revolutionary movement. Regardless, he ended up being exposed to numerous people watching at home as a politician’s son plotting against the government.

Here’s your chance to walk away you fool

That’s all before the main problem with the conclusion plays out. Somehow, the uncle was unaware of the broadcast coming from the ship. Plus, he was also unaware that there was a camera pointed directly at him as he confronted Jenny and the yacht club members. There were 2 chances for him to acknowledge that he had lost this particular battle, but no, he decides to press on even after Marika shows him they have files on suspicious activity in the company. So everything works out because the villain in this piece has comically poor decision-making skills for a successful businessman.

The battle will play out in the future with even more corrupt politicians and business men, and even greater amounts of yuri.

And to conclude my list of problems was the epilogue which happens to make a mockery of justice. We are just left to assume that the uncle will find a way out of his punishment because that’s just how things work. Even though he was caught selling weapons illegally on live television. Also, his company would just welcome him back with open arms just like that so Jenny will once again have to deal with him. What was the point again? I guess everything works out if you’re an illegal arms dealer too.

You made miko Chiaki angry. I told you you wouldn’t like miko Chiaki when she’s angry.

As for something this episode got right, I do believe that it did show that the success in piracy came more from the support network than any individual action from the captain. The idea to go after the fiance started with Grunhilde, Lynn created the fake Bentenmarus which allowed Ai and Yayoi to power the guide the ship out of danger, the original crew went to work collecting data on the uncle and of course Chiaki’s raging against the revolutionary group calmed down that situation before it could become anything worse. Marika was rather hands-off throughout this episode because as Chiaki saw it, she was being spoiled by the talents of two crews.

A thinly veiled threat is the best Luca’s managed in weeks

As far as other thoughts on this episode, there was Luca providing 2 bits of insight in this episode, Jenny’s uncle was a hypocrite and not to cross women ever. The latter put the men on the Bentenmaru crew in their place. This whole story arc seemed to have a feminist air around it as well with the political marriage and Jenny seemingly not allowed to run a successful business on her own. Also, Chiaki is returning to the Barbalusa which means she’s probably not going to be back until the final episodes. Also, the yacht club having a state-of-the-art fighter; I guess if they can have a pirate ship they can have whatever they want.

Marika pushes this story arc toward the space dumpster.

As for next week, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be much of a break for Marika since they have to clean up the mess left by the yacht club before the new crew returns. However, I’m just waiting to see where the next source of dramatic conflict comes from. There may just be the final story arc for that to happen now.

3 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 18 – Getting on the Wrong Side”

  1. I agree with a lot of what you said, but about the uncle, just because he is rich and in control of a successful company, doesn’t make him smart. The company was established by his ancestors, not him; he is running it because he inherited it, so there is no reason to believe he could have been as successful if he were to try to build it up on his own. Besides, people of all types push their luck too far, and business people aren’t immune to that.

    On the more substantial points: there were some strange anomalies, you mentioned two of them related to Jenny, which makes me think something went wrong in the adaptation of this arc. The clothing change could have just been caused by lack of consistency between two teams. It could also have been caused by moving scenes around, or otherwise changing things in the adaptation to anime.

    Another oddity that bothered me was that the captain left the bridge while they were being actively fired upon to brainstorm. The time to do that was as soon as they took the job, before the uncle’s fleet showed up. I wonder if that wasn’t re-arranged for the anime as well.

    1. I accept your argument on the uncle. Since it is a business run by family, he could have simply inherited it without the skills to run it effectively. The thing that threw me off about the ending is that the next person to take over the business would simply let him back in despite the fact he was using the company to break the law.

      The clothing error is just utterly shocking to make though. It was almost like this episode was made first by a separate team, before changes were made to episode 17. It is pretty terrible. As for the bridge, I think that just adds another item into the column of times Marika has let her crew bail her out. It does indeed feel like this episode was treated as modular in nature when it just wouldn’t work to begin with.

      1. Well, imagine if this were a company (let’s call it News Corp) run by someone whose son did something illegal with it (like telling his reporters to wiretap crime victims) and yet the son was still expected to inherit the company, because … family.

        I did like Chiaki as a temple priestess with a big gun, though.

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