Mouretsu Pirates 20 – Endangering Lives for Laughs

While Sandaime’s collection grows and the doctor is piloting the ship, on the ground Kane is humming “Trolololo”

The 20th episode of Pirates sees the return of Kane to the yacht club as advisor just as preparations begin for the club to take part in a dinghy race. They come across some prior history of the club participating in the race which resulted in a 5 year ban, which has the organizers reaching out to Show to prevent more Hakuoh rule breaking. That eventually leads to the Bentenmaru being in charge of security for the race. Eventually, the story moves on to Kane staging a windsurfing race to determine who will represent Hakuoh at the dinghy race.

Grunhilde will continue to be involved in the plot, but at least she’s apologetic for it.

If last week was about character development for Grunhilde, this week it was devoted to Ai. However, in this case, I don’t think there was much beyond what the audience knew to begin with. The prologue to the episode was meant as a reminder that Ai really loved piloting. She was able to drive the Bentenmaru without difficulty, but she was more enthusiastic about being able to drive a dinghy.

She wants to take the dinghy out to ride it. What else would she do with it? Take it apart to sell as scrap metal? Plunge it through the atmosphere and guess whose house it will hit?

There were two particular segments of the episode that I found interesting from the perspective of her character. The first was in the training simulator. While Kane was busy trolling the rest of the girls with completely unrealistic conditions, Ai just simply took it in stride. Yes, she once again showed her superior skills in piloting, but it was when she said it felt different that it revealed her true class.She had progressed beyond the point where the simulator was helping her pilot. The simulator was boring her because it didn’t feel real at all.

Ai is not impressed with the simulator or Kane’s attempts at making it interesting.

The second was after the simulator where she had lost herself standing on top of a dinghy and Marika had to snap her out of that state. The conversation that followed was about how Ai didn’t really see her work for the club as work because she loved what she was doing and she just lost track of time as a result. I think it’s something most people can relate to when they have been doing something they enjoy. The conversation at least got Marika into thinking why she joined the yacht club to begin with. Was it simply to get to space as she thinks it was, or was it something much deeper than that?

An organization so evil they don’t even care to spell their name correctly.

Now a little bit about this particular anime original storyline with regards to the dinghy race. The way it is being handled comes off like a camp 80s teen movie. The girls at Hakuoh broke the rules over 5 years ago, but they are still considered troublemakers by the organizers despite the fact that no one involved in that incident would still be at the school. In keeping with that movie trope of the evil adults always trying to keep the fun loving kids down, the race organizers turn to someone who doesn’t know the meaning of rules unless it makes him money, that would be Show from Harold Lloyd of course. Such is his integrity that he decides to hand the job to Marika, who could be directly involved in the race anyway.

Ai is absolutely crazy passing 3 people in the air.

Of course, sensing that they were writing themselves into a corner, they make things easier for Marika by having her fail to make the yacht club’s team for the dinghy race. Considering the amount of character development that had gone into Ai and Grunhilde, any dramatic tension in the race was lost when Natalia crossed the line first. At that point, it was all about when Marika would lose to Ai. The scenario for next episode should be simplified with Marika just worrying about the security details for the race itself.

The evil adult cries hot tears of shame as those kids get away with everything.

Or maybe not judging by the preview. It looks set for more outside interference by the race organizers. Actually, the whole idea that the chief organizer would become involved in trying to kill some of the participants is just absurd. I understand trying to get away from everything always working out for Marika and company, but the way this arc is going is simply as contrived as hell.

6 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates 20 – Endangering Lives for Laughs”

  1. I have to admit, I laughed at Kane’s over-the-top parody of the shounen sports coach, typified by Coach Ohta from Gunbuster. It was enough to confuse some viewers, for sure.

    Yeah, not feeling the start of the anime-original material yet. Too little Chiaki and focusing on a side character that’s actually pretty low on the pecking order of the yacht club? C’mon production team, you can do better than this.

    At least we get Gruier back in her princess outfit next week.

    1. I got the reference to Gunbuster, but it just didn’t feel like it had earned the right to do that. Plus, Gruier in the princess costume next week. So they’ve somehow managed to have the security and the official starter both with stakes in the outcome. Someone doesn’t know how to check out the people they are hiring. Still, nothing quite beats Misa ending up piloting the Bentenmaru out of everyone else on the crew.

  2. The thing that confuses me is that they are concerned that the Hakuoh yacht club will cheat, so they hire the Bentenmaru, which is captained by a member of the Hakuoh yacht club to make sure the cheating doesn’t happen. How does that make sense?

    1. To be fair, they contacted the insurance company to hire someone for security. So by hiring someone who doesn’t care about the rules, they end up with total bias. Maybe it was the cheapest option?

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