Asa Made Jugyou Chu! – Utterly Ridiculous

Just look at that absolute quality, also I wanted to avoid making this post NSFW.

For a single episode OVA that I suggested was “terribad,” I was not surprised after watching it to learn that it was in fact as I thought it would be. The story basically breaks down as a male protagonist named Yuuki is thought to be a girl by a teacher based entirely on his name, but is in fact male. So the teacher has to cover up this fact the best that she can. Of course, since this is an OVA lots of over attempts at erotic comedy ensue.

The standard ridiculous plot exposition from the school principle.

First of all, I have to thank John Sato for the suggestion for blogging this because he expressed interest in what I thought it would turn out to be. To be fair, I had read a few chapters of the manga going in to this, so I did know slightly what to expect out of all of this. That would be an absurd premise followed by attempts to cover up the fact that Yuuki was a male. Plus, there was always the prospect of the teacher trying to make sure Yuuki could vent his frustrations at not having sex out on her, because all male students who have to live with attractive female teachers would run into this type of scenario, right?

If this were even an average OVA, I would question why she has those.

As this was a very much ero-OVA, I think it’s probably well worth summarizing the plot since there aren’t going to be many who would willingly watch this. Basically it starts with the protagonist Yuuki who is transferred into a new school, but because of a teacher’s mistake is registered as a girl. The teacher, in covering for her mistake, insists on living with the boy to ensure that he does not do anything that would allow anyone to discover that a boy is living in the girls’ dormitory. However, he bumps into a classmate who takes a keen interest in him as he cross dresses, but yet doesn’t discover the secret.

The level of animation really stepped up for this scene

Now as for how well this is executed, this hardly struggles to get out of second gear. The teacher happens to be extremely perverted and pretty much tells him to release the non-existant sexual frustration in his mind out on her. I mean, she is so worried about his frustrations that she handcuffs him to her before deciding to rub herself against him during the night. I don’t think he would be rushing to start harassing high school girls after that.

The aggressor here happens to be completely oblivious.

On top of that, there’s the third character Takabane Risa, who wants nothing to do with Yuuki. That is until he is dressed like a girl, then she throws herself all over him. I think it’s just a little absurd that it would work like that. He is wearing a wig in the bath, and Takabane is groping him. But don’t worry, since Takabane swings that way, the teacher is more than able to handle her. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure that yuri anime is not supposed to work like that.

The teacher also happens to have a nurse costume. Just because.

While I’ll just conveniently skip over the scene with the suppository, I have to say this was nothing more than a waste of 30 minutes of my time. For something that I thought might qualify as terribad anime, I was expecting much more than implied sex scene after implied sex scene. At least terribad anime typically has gratuitous amounts of violence thrown in for fun, but this was just entirely about sex revolving around an absurd premise. I could only really recommend this to readers of the manga who really want to see what the animated version looks like. For everyone else, I think going outside and blankly staring at the sky for 30 minutes would prove a more fruitful activity.

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  1. also I wanted to avoid making this post NSFW.

    You won’t get any views with that attitude! ^_~

    As this was a very much ero-OVA, I think it’s probably well worth summarizing the plot since there aren’t going to be many who would willingly watch this.

    Okay seriously if no one’s gonna watch it you should’ve just posted the NSFW pi-I appreciate the summarization (*BA DUM PSH*), which auto-corrects to “stigmatization” for some odd reason (*BA DUM PSH*). I guess it’s appropriate.

    Anyway, how would you rate the manga? Is it also standard ecchi fair? Or perhaps more?

    1. OH WOW I confused smegma with stigma MY BAD HA HA DARN IT WEE-OOO WEE-OO Though I guess this also works, too…

      1. ALSO, I’m gonna rate this poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost… A FIVE(ifyoupostdempics)!!!

  2. I told you it wasn’t going to surprise you. I’m impressed that you actually watched it (though I suppose a night without Queen’s Blade can drive people to do impressive things to cope).

    Also, I see that I am now forever linked to this post…I approve of this.

    1. Generally, when someone says I should write about something, it usually happens. I don’t have the readership to ignore requests yet.

  3. Des scènes très aventureuses et provocatrices. Je suis sure que les lecteurs masculins vont commencer à baver en voyant cela.

  4. I just wanna point out… sensei is doing it wrong with dem handcuffs. Those would hurt if used during sex! The person’d get messed up wrists! Fuzzy handcuffs, bros, fuzzy handcuffs.

      1. Well, you know how fired up I am about safe-sex, that includes reminding peeps to not utilize toys that may cause unintentional hurt!

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