Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 02 – Playing the Game

This was supposed to be a show about elections, right?

The 2nd episode was about convincing the reluctant Yuuki to run for student council president even though that was the last thing he wants to do. For the most part, the episode was largely about Yuuki running into people and having to constantly correct his name as he tries to get to the food research club on a Sunday. Right before he does get there, he has conversations with the student council president and Satsuki, who both agree that it would be good if he ran. Then, at the food research club, he delivers a stirring speech trying to promote Chisato for the attempt to run the job, only to ironically have it convince the club members of his own merits.

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The election is for now the primary plot at this moment, followed by Chisato’s inability to eat chocolate and Yuuki’s quest for love, the latter of which was introduced early in the episode. On a basic level, the dream sequence can be interpreted as a question of the difference between being in love and simply acting like you are in love. As a child, it’s easy to do the latter simply because feelings come and go. That would be something like his lusting over Satsuki because of the position she fell into when she hit him with the bike, or his observation that he was running into lots of cute girls during the episode. The latter requires a bit more, like trying desperate acts to protect the club and its members that Yuuki cherishes, or responding Chisato’s chocolate complex at the end of the episode. Recognition of the latter, is usually where harem anime fail, since it usually results in some level of alienation among fans of the genre once the protagonist has a focus. However, I’m still reluctant to call it that despite the obvious signs of that.

Dropping your identification everywhere = name recognition

As for the election, Yuuki’s running into people actually works quite well. The issue with the pronunciation of the last character in his name means that he has to constantly tell people that his last name is Oojima, not Ooshima. Simply having that conversation means that the people he runs into will better remember who he is. This is a ridiculously large school with thousands of students after all and any amount of name recognition is a positive. Simply being recognizable as the guy whose name is pronounced differently than it looks can get results.

Satsuki improbably landed in a position like that, but did not suffer any cuts or scrapes.

Finally, the two conversations that convince Yuuki to at least have someone run are well done in my opinion. The conversation with the president served to raise the possibility that he could win. He highlights how running in a 3 way race has better odds for him as the two other candidates are the heads of different departments within the student council. Also, it is simply better than waiting for the club to be disbanded and doing nothing to stop it. All he has to do is become the most trusted candidate. He will just have to find out how to do that over the coming weeks.

Yume continues to up his game in the banter department

Then, the conversation with Satsuki provides Yuuki with the purpose of running. Once again, she highlights how having someone run to defend a club she sees as no different from lunch at the cafeteria is better than just letting it be disbanded without doing anything to stop it. More importantly, she says that you have to be in a race to have a chance of winning. Yuuki comes out of it determined to have someone run to defend not the club itself, but the members who are a part of it. That is a message that will gain the trust of others, as it showed when he overwhelmingly won the club’s election to see who would run.

A ridiculously easy repair means he’s in the door on the Satsuki route. Wait, it isn’t that kind of show, or is it?

Next week’s episode looks like it will be educational in nature, where Yuuki and the club will learn about the dark arts of student council elections from the president himself. In the meantime, the fact that Isara is banned from becoming a member of any club could become an issue. Or there’s the possibility that it will just simply be lost as she becomes nothing more than a fanservice character. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the wake up scene simply because Yuuki did not get slapped/punched in the face for groping Chisato.

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  1. Yume continues to up his game in the banter department

    His acting is terrible and exaggerated though.

    This leaves me some questions — or perhaps cliffhangers — for the next episode to answer (or not).

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