Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 04 – The Dark Side of the Academy

An unlikely place for a destined encounter with Isara

The fourth episode of this series is primarily about money and how it should be spent on campus. Yuuki begins the episode by running into Isara, who is putting up new lightbulbs around the school to earn extra money. He then heads to the clubroom where campaign finance is the topic of discussion. After formulating a plan to raise campaign funds, the club members get to work. Yuuki later runs into Satsuki, who urges him to read her manifesto. At the same time Isara is confronted by a group of students who proceed to humiliate her.

This isn’t suspicious behavior for a presidential candidate is it?

The main talking point of this episode is money. From the perspective of the campaigns, it is about raising it. For students like Isara, it is an unwanted status that weighs them down.

The Oojima Roll is the food research club’s path to prosperity

First, the fundraising aspect gets some attention. The food research club, as an independent campaign does not have access to the Student Council’s campaign fund, which effectively limits them to self funding. That is where one of the school’s traditions kicks in which allows students to sell items at a bazaar to raise money. Interestingly, later in the episode, Yuuki notes that there are students who ran only to sell items.

That place works as well as a wallet, doesn’t it?

There is also a surprisingly in depth discussion pf how campaign funds can be spent and raised. The usual rule that club funds can’t be used on a campaign makes sense. However, I was curious that Chisato knew that they were allowed to borrow money from a teacher if they paid it back. This seems like a massive loophole that could be exploited. They also have to get a ruling on stickers attached to the yaoi sticks.

They have to put stickers on all of those.

As for the actual campaign, we learn a little bit more about the major issues of the series through Satsuki. She confronts a couple of furious members of the Air Sumo club, which is on the chopping block as well. I think that conversation provides good insight into why Satsuki wants reforms. There is a hell of a lot of waste of club funds.

The moment Yuuki realizes that Satsuki may have had a point with the club reforms

Later, Satsuki urges Yuuki to give her manifesto a proper reading because she says it is about more than reforming clubs. When Yuuki does give it a proper reading, he discovers that Satsuki wants to use the money saved to give scholarships to financial aid students to solve the problem with bullying. It was the issue that the current public safety led administration could not solve on its own, so the finance department came up with its own way.

Yuuki probably should have read her whole platform by now.

Which leads to the dark episode of Isara being bullied. She is called out for being a student on special status early by a group that says she smells. Then, she is then confronted by a group of students for having the audacity to know an upperclassman. They end up taking her to the vending machines that are well hidden, ripping off her panties and the dousing them in water before dumping them in the trash. Even after this is done, she rejects Yuuki’s help because she doesn’t want him to know what she goes through. She even goes back to work, though hardly in a mental condition to do so. This was a very dark scene compared to anything that happens in the food research clubroom.

Time for some re-education to be administered by some random mob characters.

That actually leads on to the fact that these episodes seem to consist of general harem scenes with a but of darkness toward the end. I would hesitate to call it fanservice for the pretentious, but I think it leans that way.

No looking forward to the next episode for a very good (I hope) reason. I was in a bit of a rush to get the screencaps up for this post in order to have the parts of the post that I needed a PC for ready. Everything else has been written in 3 different cities and at 30,000 feet above the ground. If the formatting ends up screwed up, I fully blame the WordPress mobile app for it. As for Koichoco, there is no new episode next week, so I will try to put something else up in the meantime.

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