Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 06 – Election Returns

This type of drama will not matter for the purpose of this post

The 6th episode of Koichoco picks up from the cliffhanger of the last episode and ultimately takes the show through the completion of the primary. It begins with the prospect of Mifuyu’s romantic fiction being read by Yuuki, which is successfully avoided by clumsiness and improvisation at the speaker’s podium. Then, it comes down to the election returns and whether Yuuki can make the 10% threshold and more. He barely does, but the result reveals more troubling news about his support.

Lots of staring at a laptop screen in this episode as well.

So we finally get an episode of Koichoco which has nothing to do with love or chocolate, so pure politics it is. Let me just put my pundit’s hat on and forget all sense of reality before I get into analyzing this. Before I begin with this single-use post format, I have to clarify that in this instance there are only two sides to any issue here. Since everything seems to come down to the club reforms, that will be the sole dividing issue on this. So I bring you Pundits A (for club reforms) and B (against club reforms). Pundit A would be supporting Shinonome Satsuki and Pundit B Tatsumi Moheiji.

Blood and guts for a stump speech.

Moderator: I’ll start with you Pundit A. What did you make of the speeches from the two major candidates?

Pundit A: It was nice to see Shinonome go on the offensive against the head of the general affairs department. For too long, finance has been oppressed by the likes of general affairs. Once in power, Shinonome can utilize the power and knowledge that she has to pursue an agenda to further enable equal opportunity for all students by simply making some clubs pay more for their activities.

Pundit B: Clearly you are making this up. The clubs exist because the students want them to. Obviously you think that those poorer students should have access to club activities like everyone else, but they can always work for it. Pick up another job outside of school, for example. Why should everyone else suffer for the poorer students?

Pundit A: Because we want to set a better example to the outside. If we have our poorest students having to turn to lives of crime to pay for their tuition, what does that look like to the media who seem to love this school.

Pundit B: They would just be kicked out. They chose to go to this school. Why should they interfere with the freedom the other students have to utilize funding for their own purposes?

Koichoco’s Hideyoshi equivalent will sadly be ignored.

Moderator: So what do you think of the emergence of a 3rd party candidate in Oojima Yuuki? I’ll start with Pundit B…

Pundit B: Well it clearly indicates that the finance department and public safety department are coordinating in this election. They are clearly running this Ooshima mock campaign to try to split the vote that would go to Tatsumi. Now we have to put up with this joke campaign when the real candidates should be debating the issues. We’re now going to have to deal with this guy who is more concerned about having his name pronounced correctly than we are the real issue.

Pundit A: I resent the fact you think that the finance department is behind this. What it really shows is how weak Tatsumi’s campaign is. He can’t even get 50% of the vote when he thinks that his main issue is representative of the whole campaign. Heck, there were even 2 candidates that pushed that 10% margin to pass the primary. I don’t know how Tatsumi wins on his own here.

All of their hopes going to wanting someone to lose.

Moderator: Before we run out of time, how do each of you see this race panning out?

Pundit A: Shinonome’s campaign clearly has the edge here running as the sole candidate for reforms the student council has needed for years. The students will see that the changes she has proposed are vastly superior to those proposed by her opponent and Oojima as well. I would imagine that she wins with at least 50% of the vote in this 3-way race.

Pundit B: My fellow pundit clearly needed to study this race more. As it becomes obvious that Oojima cannot win, he will back Tatsumi and thereby defeat Shinonome and preserve the clubs that the student body have wanted for their money. I just hope that there is some investigation into this Ooshima campaign after this is all done.

Moderator: And there we have it, a campaign that seems focused on a single issue somehow gives us a race with 3 candidates fighting for victory.

Just look at those eye, he’s clearly up to something.

I actually feel worse for having written the above, but that’s why I usually don’t get involved in the everyday news cycle that the modern political campaign seems to entail. That is probably why I felt a little let down by this episode. It tries to capture the excitement of whether Yuuki can qualify as the lone independent candidate or not as returns come in with the reality that it is the dark side of the election that really matters in the end. If this were really honest, Yuuki would be spending the next episode trying to negotiate with both campaigns to save the food research club. However, because this is trying to create drama, he is going to be exposed to danger from the general affairs department and a public safety department faction as he tries to go it alone to win the election.

Please accept this bribe, erm, campaign contribution.

Next week looks like it’s one of those training camp type deals. That whole concept just doesn’t seem to work when it comes to a student council campaign. It would be like Ed Miliband spending the next UK general election going to South Africa for a campaign retreat. It simply doesn’t work like that. He’d be much better off spending those hours campaigning to students like Isara, though undoubtedly she will somehow end up working at this retreat. The dark side of this story, no matter how stupid it looks on the outside looks far more appealing than an episode of this type.