Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 07 – Emotional Blackmail

Judging by Chisato’s face, it’s time for drama.

The 7th episode of Koichoco has very little to do with the election and is more about Yuuki bouncing from girl to girl with predictable results. It starts with Mouri giving the Food Research club the true story about how many votes they will need to win in the general election and how they can get there. The episode then heads off into onsen episode territory where he ultimately ends up getting in the middle of the troubled relationship between the sisters Shinonome.

I will now be using this chart to make an argument that is nonsense.

I’ll start with the rather silly political portion of this episode at the beginning of the episode. Mouri was illustrating how many votes each candidate was likely to start with in the general election whereupon there was a massive gap in logic. Basically, Yuuki started from the amount of votes that he got in the primary and had to build from there. That is because the voters would want to stick with the person they voted for in the primary. Meanwhile, Satsuki inexplicably loses about 64% of her support from the primary. I can understand the point about swing voters being available, but using such vast differences here destroys the argument entirely. Also, the point about running as the outsider candidate is so obvious that it really shouldn’t have merited being mentioned in this episode.

Since this is in poor taste anyway, I’ll just add this: Nice Truck

Then we transition on to the chocolate front for the first time in a while. We finally got the answer to the weird ceremony Yuuki and Chisato do. Her younger brother was run over by a truck while carrying a chocolate bar. Though trucks are masters of the road, they seem to be rather overused as a plot device. It was used in the opening episode of NakaImo with none of the gravity it was used here.

This is in no way suggestive at all

And for the love portion of the episode (accurate title or what?), it really is an onsen episode where Yuuki is the most bland of bland male leads. Take the inability to make a decision on his own along with near Taichi-esque levels of selflessness and you have Yuuki in a nutshell here. Let’s just run through the epic display of density shown by candidate Yuuki:

This isn’t either.
  • Isara talks about how she wants to cook with her future husband someday while cooking with Yuuki. Then, the sucking on his finger scene.
  • Chisato goes out of her way to go into the men’s bath, then acts forlorn as Yuuki once again does nothing.
  • Yume does his Yume thing to an ever greater degree.
  • Drunk Hazuki demands a kiss as she is being carried back to her room.
  • Satsuki saves him, and his campaign by hiding him in her VIP room. She then asks deeply personal questions about his relationship with her sister while on top of him on a bed. Then she tells him to stay for an hour and begins taking off clothing.
Ok, this might be just a little bit.

The end results of each of these scenes is in order: has impure thoughts about his finger later, gets an erection, decides that he would rather sleep outside, decides to run out quickly to poor effect and though the episode ends we all know nothing is going to happen with Satsuki in that hour.

Satsuki is a master of interrogating weak men.

That conversation with Satsuki was illustrative in multiple ways. Obviously, there was the fact that she had pinned him onto the bed as she interrogated him. At the same time, she got to the root of the problem with characters of Yuuki’s archetype. They just get dragged along by others and yet manage to find themselves in extremely favorable conditions. For all that I wish that I could be dragged along by women who want to get in my pants without having to try, I also know that it doesn’t happen like that. It’s simply an appeal to base desire without any of the emotional connection needed to make that work, but that’s enough about that for now.

There’s way too much clothing being taken off in this episode

Next week, it looks like Satsuki had to take off that jacket and get comfortable to play a game of shogi. Since that’s probably pointless other than maybe a discussion of the election, I can only hope that they delve into the Shinonome sisters some more. There is something dividing the two of them, but hopefully it isn’t as silly as the chocolate thing is with Satsuki.