The Return of the Weekly Recap #4

This week’s content is as classy as this camera angle.

Some changes to the title of this series of posts as it never actually was accurate due to Space Bros coming out so late on the Saturday here. As far as quality, it wasn’t the best week. It did, however, allow me to catch up on a certain show that ended up featuring in my comment for Kevo’s weekly Anime Power Ranking post. Perhaps I should catchup on more during the week since I have this massive gap from Sunday to Thursday without anything to watch.

Currently Airing Top 5

It’s Sengoku Collection in Space this week

Sengoku Collection

I think only 5 people may still be watching this, and convincing others that this series is actually good has proven quite futile. In this week’s episode, Takeda Shingen is introduced in a quite faithful tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Essentially the plot is Shingen wakes up on a Russian space colony just as the computer that runs it seeks world conquest beginning with the destruction of Russia itself. With the help of an old robotic tea machine, Fasad 29, they save the day and return to Earth to run a chicken wing restaurant.

The tea making robot steals the show

What I really liked about this episode was some of the faithfulness to 2001 as well as the interaction between Shingen and Fasad. On the former, that includes the general structure of the story as well as my favorite scene in the episode. As Shingen and Fasad are in a pod outside of the station, they have to find a way back in, without a suit for Shingen. So they bust in the same way Dave Bowman did in 2001, and without sound after they blew the hatch to the pod, just as it would be in reality as well as the original film.

Why wouldn’t you want to retire to run a chicken wing restaurant?

As for the interaction between the two, Fasad was both cynical and nostalgic at the same time. It had a connection to a previous owner named Mikhail that it had to overcome to even work with Shingen. It also expressed opinions on how 1974 was a good year as it was the year the first Fasad model was built, while at the same time the AK-74 that Shingen attempted to use did nothing against the enemy droid sent to kill her. But it was Shingen’s lack of seriousness outside of a fight and Fasad’s blunt logic and opinions that made this episode great.

That face.

Humanity has Declined

The time loop arc continued with more of a focus on the Assistant as a character. He pretty much has no defining features as a character. I think I’m correct in thinking that Assistant had no lines prior to this episode. That lack of detail also means that everyone tends to project their own ideals of what they want Assistant to be like. Then there was that one sequence where Assistant was just a womanizing kid sexually harassing Watashi. I really think they could have done more with this arc if I’m perfectly honest.

Hardly ever has anyone been questioned so harshly for wanting to do something.


What drives Hotarou to actually do something on his own? In what really turns into an episode that could be called “Hotarou and Chitanda go to the Library,” I think there was a little bit revealed about Hotarou. Is it the prospect that he could have been wrong about his former teacher liking helicopters that drove him? Is it a simple desire to try to find the truth? I’d lean more toward the former, yet it’s still left rather open after all is said and done here.

She only exists as class president because the teacher is so incompetent.

Kokoro Connect

I think the limitations of the source material are starting to show here. On the basis of this week’s episode I probably would have stepped in if I were Heartseed and tried to spice things up. The club seems to be breaking apart until Fujishima takes things into her own hands and forces the 3 of them in the class into the same group for the class camp. Gotou also gets involved in the situation and actually sounds like a teacher for once. I just wish the 2nd half of the episode felt differently than Taichi just getting obvious advice from friends. Also, there was something incredibly troubling about Taichi’s brief conversation with his younger sister.

This background also appeared when they were talking about love. She’s talking to her brother here. Hmm.

Rinne no Lagrange

Everyone makes up and the number of plot threads seems reduced to precisely one. It really, really didn’t feel like anything happened at all. I guess that’s the nature of conversations between high school girls. I think where the show goes with Asteria’s history will be important. Unfortunately, it looks like filler next time.

The Rest of the Currently Airing

Moyashimon Returns confirmed for classiness.

Moyashimon Returns

Three poor Japanese students somehow find the money to travel the French country side. Hilarity ensues. Well it would, but for the fact that they encounter a local girl who looks like Kei. Plus they also half-ass it and have the French characters speak in Japanese while the Japanese characters act like they can’t understand. There’s also something about the similarity between the French girl’s circumstances and Sawaki’s, but it’s wasted here. Also, they do run into Haruka and again nothing happens. It was a rather frustrating episode.

I think this group covers all possible preferences for shipping between characters.

Dog Days’

Last week’s post and discussion of this show did bring out a rather interesting discussion about self-insertion into a show one likes. I think my problem is that there is no emotional attachment to the characters or world at all. My personality simply doesn’t allow me to just sit back and fantasize about being in a different world. Instead, I look for something that makes it believable. What I got this week was an interesting conversation between Millhi and Becky about Shinku’s feelings, followed by a pretty standard Dog Days episodic plot. The new overpowered hero mode Shinku seems to destroy what fun was left in the series as it’s turned into a charismatic man getting all of the girls.

By the way, I thought this week’s Koichoco episode was worse, but I already wrote on that topic.

The Updated Season Table

Season Rank Year Rank Change Anime
1 2 Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
2 3 Kokoro Connect
3 7 ↑1 Sengoku Collection
4 11 ↓1 Rinne no Lagrange
5 13 Moyashimon Returns
6 15 ↓3 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
7 19 Uchuu Kyoudai
8 22 ↑1 Hyouka
9 Dog Days’

Catching Up

Surprisingly realistic character designs are not one of this show’s strengths

Yuru Yuri

In trying to find out why this series, which will probably never see a physical release here, is so popular, I thought I would have a go at watching the first season. What I got out of watching it was that it was a fairly standard situational comedy with characters who act predictably given the circumstances they find themselves in. That’s not a criticism as much as an acknowledgement that it sticks strictly to conventions.

I also got a kick out of all of her delusions

The real question the becomes, did I find it entertaining? The characters individual quirks and tendencies were enough to keep me entertained and I managed not to get bored of it as I watched over 2 days. It was probably one of the best examples of the “cute girls do cute things” genre. I was also surprised by how innocent this all seemed despite the presence of yuri in the title. That said, for as well executed as it is, there’s little ambition in creating the scenarios that are set up between the cast. It doesn’t take away from the fact that it is one of the better comedies in recent years. (78.82/100)


It’s the new sport of mixed gender/tsundere fencing

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder

If you are familiar with the first edition of Otoboku, this scenario will look familiar. Feminine looking guy gets transferred into a girls school, quickly becomes popular with a group of girls until he is outed by someone who doesn’t mind his presence. Then, he manages to change their minds one at a time as though nothing was off at all. The only thing different here is that the man in the scenario, Mikado Chihaya or Kisakinomiya Chihaya as he goes by at the school, has a tortured past as well. Considering this was the first episode of the 3-part OVA, it felt like everything that could happen already did. What are they going to do from now?


Just look at this fancy pose that is able to stop all enemies

Karasu Tengu Kabuto: Ougon no Me no Kemono

This week’s terribad entry was rather laughably bad. This kind of unintentional comedy I can get behind. The protagonist Kabuto rescues Ranhime using a combination of clever pub tricks, the raven wings on his back that somehow enable him to fly, cleverly posing with his sword as generic 80s rock plays in the background and the familiar gaps in logic that accompany terribad animation.

I give you the most ridiculous helicopter ever to appear on this blog.

As far as the plot is concerned, it’s a not very special story of a princess being rescued from the clutches of an evil woman who absorbs women’s youth for her own beauty. It wouldn’t be terribad if there wasn’t more, though. Among the highlights is a scene where Kabuto manages to blow up only part of a tunnel, then flies down to kill some enemies standing in a river. He then dived below the enemies who were still standing in the river (!?) to get some more, before he finished in a fantastic pose. There was also the robot that inexplicably felt pain, the robot horse sent in to attack that could only move in a straight line and best of all, the building that was also a helicopter. All of these things added up to something that was both catastrophically bad and thoroughly hilarious. (39/100)

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  1. I’d love to have Fujishima included in the group affected by Heartseed’s powers. She seems like a fascinating character.

    1. Then we are talking of crossing into Heartseed territory entirely. It just means we as viewers have decided that the main cast of this show is too boring and we need to add a character who will just jump Iori in every scene to mix things up. It’s a nice idea, but it would seem wrong all the same.

  2. The Assistant was never a womanizing kid. That was Watashi’s grandfather in his youth, and there are tons of indications that this is the case. Read other blogs for more information. I’m too tired to point out the details.

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