Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 08 – We Still Don’t Know Who Won That Game of Shogi That Night


It’s so sad their game will end without a result

The 8th episode of Koichoco focused primarily on the relationship between the Shinonome sisters with a bit of added clarity on Yuuki’s relationship with Chisato. The episode begins with a game of shogi as I hinted at last week where Satsuki spent most of her time trying to tempt Yuuki while they waited for an opportunity to flee. Hazuki then entered the next morning to provide interference. The next night brought with it a test of courage and the aforementioned clarification to Chisato. Finally, Hazuki confesses to Yuuki leading to another game of shogi to compete for him with Satsuki, where a lengthy exposition dump revealed the origin of their conflict.

This is so stupid.

This was a rather strange episode mainly for the fact that Yuuki actually did make a decision, even if it was to potentially eliminate one of his suitors. Chisato was clearly frustrated by the amount of time he was spending with Hazuki recently, and he responded by saying that he would always be there for her. However, that was with the caveat that their relationship wasn’t that kind of love.

Yuuki is being mean here because you can only see the lower part of his head in this shot.

This leads me to wonder if we aren’t entering some sort of horrible territory for Yuuki’s territory. While it is nice that he is willing to support his friend and be supportive of her, I think that also can be interpreted in another way. I can’t get over the feeling that it is becoming more about possession knowing that he doesn’t have to be emotionally invested to keep her close. Hell, he has plenty of girls who seem to go out of their way to try to tempt him or expose their traumas to him. So why would our harem lead feel the need to show some level of caring?

Yuuki can’t see past the subtle hints that Satsuki shows him…repeatedly.

Which leads into the Hazuki-Satsuki angle that most of this episode addressed where perhaps Yuuki’s role change. Satsuki had been probing to try to discover what Yuuki’s relationship with her sister was using many different tactics that had no subtlety whatsoever. In the end, it just became apparent that she wanted to know why Hazuki had left the family.

Hazuki is merely breaking up play here.

Hazuki entered the scene in this episode to interfere with Satsuki, then came her probably insincere confession to Yuuki to set up the game of shogi with Satsuki. I just wonder if Yuuki’s presence was needed to make that scene happen. It ultimately became a tear-filled exposition dump as I said before, but does Yuuki add anything? Is Yuuki the only one they can admit the full extent of their traumas in front of because he seems like he cares, or is it because it’s like talking to a mirror.

The first direct confession in this series. Maybe it every character drank excessively they could have had all the drama wrapped up in 4 episodes.

So now we add Hazuki’s wanting to preserve her mother’s existance and Satsuki’s wanting to keep her family together on top of the issues that have already been revealed for Isara, Chisato and Mifuyu. Koichoco really is really heading in a predictable direction. All that is needed now is for Michiru to go to Yuuki for her own problem that will come out of left field.

Why am I supporting this guy who is indecisive and has women falling all over him again?

On the politics or rather plot-relevant front, the information that Yuuki had spent the nights with Hazuki and Satsuki is well known by the public safety commission. Since there is a cell seeking to destroy Mouri and therefore Yuuki’s campaign, this will come out at some point. I don’t think it will be in episode 9, though. There’s still some actual campaigning to do as Yuuki tries to improbably steal a few hundred votes from somewhere.