Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 09 – Blindly Running Against Traffic

This show isn’t even above having a “show me your papers” moment.

The 9th episode of Koichoco saw the beginning of the campaign proper and the continuing growth of Yuuki’s character with any female character. The campaign got underway as Mouri continued to seal up support amongst the Public Safety Commission for Yuuki’s candidacy. However, the first event was marred by bullying against Isara which led Yuuki to add something that would be deemed a losing issue by Chisato later on. Meanwhile, the very person responsible for the Public Safety Commission being unable to run a candidate returns from suspension poised to screw around with Yuuki’s campaign since she believes Yuuki will not be made a puppet.

The very idea of taste is not in this show’s dictionary

This was a rather dark episode in my opinion from the very beginning. The incident which claimed Chisato’s younger brother is replayed in her dreams as she recalls trying to wake him up with a chocolate bar. Then, throughout the episode, it seemed as though they went out of their way to make Chisato overly possessive of Yuuki. With each incident of trying to help someone, she got progressively angrier and emotionally manipulative. I was especially disturbed by her calling Yuuki by her brother’s name because it means she can’t move on from that sad event. Of course, with the conclusion of the episode, I don’t think the creators meant for it to have some unintentional hilarity at her expense.

Please be my puppet president.

The really big issue in this episode was bullying of the financial aid students. It was most prominent when Isara was being bullied by the group of girls who had harassed her in earlier episodes. There were also two parts of this episode that brought this culture of bullying to the fore.

Koichoco: Dumping Exposition Like a Champion

The first was the return of Oosawa Yuina from suspension. As was explained in the mid-episode exposition dump on the bullying issue, she had pursued a false claim against a financial aid student to the point of exposing that student’s name and having her harassed out of wanting to attend school again. She was punished by being suspended. Yet, the real problem is that she is able to waltz back in and resume her previous post as Public Safety Commissioner without issue. She had personally cost them the chance to run a candidate for president, but nothing happens to her because presumably the mysterious Katakira faction seems to be willing to sanction bullying of a minority of students if it means maintaining control within the Public Safety Commission.

Since she’s allowed to continue as commissioner, I can only assume that the Commission itself is broken

In addition, there was Chisato’s critique of democracy after Yuuki said he wanted an anti-bullying statement added to his manifesto. She made the point that since it was an issue affecting a minority of students, the rest of the student body would not be inclined to vote for him because he would be seen as trying to represent the financial aid students. Satsuki had it in her manifesto, but as part of a main party that is but one of many issues. Yuuki’s campaign would just turn from an independent against club reforms to one affiliated with a minority of students. Chisato was also right in saying that he should pursue that after winning the election. As an issue on his manifesto, the anti-bullying message is both morally upstanding and suicidal for winning an election because the rest of the student body implicitly accepts the bullying.

The Recycling Club even had the budget to get some plutonium from Libyan nationalists at a mall parking lot.

Finally to wrap up this week was the ending of this week’s episode. In the opening scene of the series, Mouri’s sister was hit by a car and ended up in a coma. Chisato’s brother, Daiki, was hit by the truck and died. This week’s episode has a car narrowly miss Yuuki, Chisato and Mifuyu before another truck appears close to hitting Yuuki in this week’s cliffhanger. Also, the bit of foreshadowing Yuuki does after the car passes is just painful.

Is this what Food Research looks like outside of a political campaign?

Next week, it looks like we are on to the Michiru arc. There’s also probably some visiting people in the hospital and more Chisato trying to regain control of Yuuki’s life. It’s really hard to say since the episode previews are just a bunch of random footage from the episode thrown together with tedious conversation thrown on top.