The Return of the Weekly Recap #6

This classy spell from one of the classiest anime I saw this week.

This week on the weekly recap that seems to be running out of steam each time I write it, there is the usual combination of currently airing and catching up on older shows. This week’s features a classy show of the type featured at The Classiest Anime. As for anything else going on the the world around here, there hasn’t been much beyond my slow, slow attempt to play through Persona 4 for the first time and my propensity not to save often enough. On that sad note, it’s time to get this thing back underway.

Currently Airing Top 5

This should tell you all you need to know about the inspiration for this week’s episode.

Sengoku Collection

I said this on Twitter during the week, but every week I expect this show to let me down, but it never seems to. This week’s episode is an homage to Legend of the Galactic Heroes with a story about Amago Tsunehisa’s attempt to seize the sandbox at a children’s daycare to build a grand sandcastle. The story plays out as several battles and political negotiations just as it would appear, but the whole story is told as a narration of past history. The master stroke was bringing in Yara Yuusaku, the narrator from Legend of the Galactic Heroes to add gravitas to the events in the story. On a much simpler level, I liked the disturbing appearance of this episode’s antagonist Misawa, who had a very much late Fork-like appearance at the end. Also the return to reality with Nobunaga entering the story was pretty funny as well.

Somehow, seeing the fairies wetting themselves in fear never seems to get old.

Humanity Has Declined

This week gave a much more thorough look at fairy culture than even last week did. Taking the story all the way back to Watashi’s first meeting with the fairies, we learn that the future humans aren’t all that much different from the past ones. I got that feeling in the sense that when they felt engaged and wanted to do something, they could do so beyond what one would expect from a group of individuals. In this case, it was build a civilization devoted to their new god. However, they are absolutely destructive when they have to assume responsibility. I think the key note to each of the last 2 episodes is that there is a view that building monuments to one’s greatness is the beginning of a civilization’s decline. On an unrelated note, I’m also hoping that we get some sort of insight into the grandfather’s massive cache of weapons that are proudly displayed at the office.

There is intelligent microbial life out there.

Moyashimon Returns

This week finally gave us the two conversations that desperately needed to happen. Marie was finally able to have that talk with her father about running the vineyards. They came together with Sawaki’s hint to show that they are better off with the combination of Marie’s experience and her father’s knowledge, since he can’t drink alcohol, to save the wine from the elements. Meanwhile, Haruka and Ryuuta finally cleared the air. The latter decided after all that he didn’t want to be married yet after all. This whole season has largely been about misunderstandings that have to be overcome. The final episode is next week.

You aren’t the only one upset at how this arc ended Inaba.

Kokoro Connect

And so the acting on desire arc comes to an end. Such is the outcome of this arc, Himeko and Iori agreeing to fight over Taichi, that I just can’t find enough ways to express my disappointment that this series has gone for a harem validation angle. Somehow, I’m led to believe that the loser of that particular battle is going to be fine with the outcome. That seems hardly believable. I guess if anything it allows Fujishima x Nagase and Himeko x Taichi pairings to become viable. If that happens, I will be furious at this show’s inability to do anything to upset its fanbase beyond what the voice actors can do on their own.

Koichoco nicked the last spot in my top 5 for the week, unfortunately. So that means the in-season week-by-week rankings look like this:

Season Rank Year Rank Change Anime
1 2 Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
2 5 ↑2 Sengoku Collection
3 6 ↓2 Kokoro Connect
4 10 ↑2 Moyashimon Returns
5 12 ↓1 Rinne no Lagrange
6 17 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
7 18 Uchuu Kyoudai
8 22 Hyouka
9 Dog Days’

The Rest of the Week

There’s something devious about Chitanda’s expression here at the thought of removing clothing


Am I the only one who now thinks that the only point of the last few episodes has been for the creators to force characters into pairings now? Satoshi and Mayaka at least got a few lines together, but largely this was yet another episode about pairing Chitanda and Hotarou together. The end result, since it was New Year’s after all, is that absolutely nothing happened when they were thrown into a dark room alone together. Next week’s finale appears to be a Valentine’s Day episode. Has any show ever finished with so much filler?

What passes for comedy in this show

Space Brothers

This week, Mutta becomes a mall Santa for extra cash, Serika eats a lot and Kenji ends up getting selected after all. That last part and the decision of one of those selected to drop out and pursue their own dream are probably the only parts of this episode worth watching. That left about 15 minutes of turgid humor the rest of the way. Maybe Mutta trying to find a job in America will be more entertaining.

Needless to say I cared so much about what was happening that I took pains to notice the budget slashing that took place on character designs.

Dog Days’

To the detriment of the story, the war between the three nations continued this week. They went all out on the effects and action scenes as a series of embarrassing draws played out in individual battles. Of course, Cinque had to win his battle as main character to break that particular string. Other than that, this was really just trying to be a fun filler episode where even retired heroes want to be involved.

Why am I not in the main story?

Rinne no Lagrange

The last few episodes are beginning to remind me of the type of writing that goes on in pro wrestling circles. The creators can’t decide if they want to use the three main characters at all. Plus, they can’t decide if they want Dizel to be a heel or not as they keep going back and forth on it. The issue of Moid and Astelia being thousands of years old seems to be passed over far too conveniently. As for Madoka, Lan and Muginami, they are wasted in a pointless Christmas episode in the middle of all of this.

Catching Up

Queen’s Blade Season 1

Surprisingly, I managed to watch this classy anime in the space of a single day. I had initially dropped this the first week it aired. The whole exploding breasts thing tends to do that after all. Since I had managed to watch all of the Rebellion series, I figured this couldn’t possibly be any worse than that.

It ultimately ended up beating my minimal expectations. It’s pretty much a by the numbers introduction to all of the characters who fight in the second season, while serving as a coming-of-age story for the main character Reina. As far as the story is concerned, there isn’t anything particularly special with there being a villain of the week or an important lesson for Reina in each episode. However, one cannot ignore this franchise’s need to push the boundaries on sexual content. As I was watching the Bluray version, I got it in all of it’s glory. If it was easy enough to ignore, it probably would have gotten a higher score, but every shot is dominated by it. It still wasn’t catastrophic enough to put it into terrible numbers, but I would still only recommend this to fans of fantasy with a hell of a lot of tolerance for excessive fanservice. (74.17/100)


This is literally the best part of this OVA.

One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e

After watching this for close to 2 hours, I could only think of one statement. We still don’t know what the plot was that day. As I watched this, I could only think that my very will to live was draining from my body. The best way I can describe it is that a bunch of random stuff happens while played over Touhou-esque music (I don’t even play Touhou, but that’s what Kevo called it anyway) and none of it makes sense. I suppose that tends to be the case when the sex scenes that are supposed to link events together. It ultimately ends up feeling like watching someone’s dreams. There are a bunch of unrelated events that are heavy in emotion, but there are no transitions at all. It’s easily the worst anime I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. (9.3/100)

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  1. Maybe Japan’s youth have been so subjected to ‘harem validation’ that Iori thought it natural for all to be friends instead of an exclusive romance with Taichi?

  2. Clearly this is my que to watch all of Queen’s Blade in full, rather than just skimming it to see if any female wore pants. Actually, come to think of it…now I want to watch every anime listed here, with the exception of One, of course.

    …But no, Queen’s Blade takes priority.

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