Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 10 – Jumping Over Certain Marine Animals

I’m happy that you were pleased with the fanservice, erm I mean that you fixed this harmonica.

The 10th episode of Koichoco finally brought the series back to the mystery which opened the first episode. In the process, it had to go through Yuuki and Chisato’s relationship hitting the pointy rocks near shore. Then, it went to the mystery behind Michiru’s broken harmonica, which then led Yuuki into the darkest of the secrets of the Public Safety Commission. All the while, my interest was taken up by minor details that had nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. It was that kind of episode.

…and show us the passage of time/ We’re going to need a montage (montage)/ Oh it takes a montage (montage)

This episode can be broken down into 2 parts. The first being Chisato and Yuuki’s in no way awkward scene. I can tell that the point of that scene was for Yuuki to convince Chisato that he loved her only if she would see him as his own person rather than as a replacement for her dead brother Daiki.  That could have been done in a few minutes, but instead it was done via a montage of her feeding him chocolate repeatedly as kids and Chisato arbitrarily deciding that the distance between them should be 0 at all times following his accident.

Fuck this shirt…and episode

Just to show how emotionally invested I was in what was happening, I was paying attention to smaller details. This would be simple stuff like Yuuki somehow being able to get out of blazer with Chisato holding on to him. Yet, he has to rip off his shirt underneath. Then, I started pondering why he felt the need to take a shower while still wearing his pants. Surely it’s not that hard to take those off with one hand. Or the whole detail of punching the mirror and even escaping the accident at the end of last week’s episode without suffering any damage.

Giving a boring character personality seems to mean changing into a violent prick.

As for the conclusion to this particular scene, Yuuki went for the “slap sense into the woman” maneuver to surprisingly little effect. Maybe that was the most realistic part of this episode. Why should we be surprised that slapping a girl and then compelling her to eat chocolate against her will would force her into isolation? Who am I kidding, she will be back by the end of the series as though nothing had happened at all because there are never consequences for our harem lead’s actions.

Sadly, there’s a legitimate plot reason for Michiru to do this.

Speaking of which, on to the silliness of the 2nd part of the episode. Yuuki presumably used the power of Youtube to fix the harmonica that Michiru got from the coma girl Kana. Then he quickly became embroiled in a deep plot so absurd as to destroy any sort of believability that this show had left.

See? She has to plant that bug in the room because the Food Research Club may be using Non’s machines to refine weapons-grade uranium or something.

To sum it up, the Katahira faction within the public safety commission of a high school has enough power to control a hospital’s treatment of a single patient. How expensive is tuition to this high school if they can afford to pay bribes at that sort of level? Oh, and the spy thing. That’s pure silliness as well. I mean, the fact that the school would be paying people to appear as students would presumably be known to someone like the head of the Finance Department. I’m probably asking for too much for Satsuki to somehow become embroiled in this scandal as well. She will probably escape anything to do with this when it is really an example of her being gloriously incompetent in her position within the Student Council.

The biggest mystery of this episode, how did he get that blazer off?

As for the election itself in this episode, it primarily consisted of a montage of the Food Research Club campaigning with his poll numbers now up to 23% making him a real spoiler in the actual race between Moheiji and Satsuki. Also, Mouri told him to drop the financial aid student portion of the platform because he’s a puppet candidate that shouldn’t campaign on his own ideals. I just wish Mouri would have come out and said “screw the poor, they provide us free labor so we can spend money on spies.”

The very fact this scene happens is stupid.

Next week will probably see more exposition dumps in the form of interrogations. If Mouri can turn himself into the classic Bond villain with his revelations to someone who shouldn’t know, why can’t anyone else? Also, I’m hoping the shady backroom deals that will be happening soon won’t be as comically absurd as the plot going on now. My expectations can’t get any lower.

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  1. ” I just wish Mouri would have come out and said “screw the poor, they provide us free labor so we can spend money on spies.”” If only. 😦

    I applaud the fact that you’re still blogging this.

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