The Return of the Weekly Recap #7

That chocolate looks pretty tasty. Especially when consumed in anger.

It’s now getting toward the end of the season. It should be the very moment when the shows I watch improve vastly to leave an impression on me as a member of the audience. Instead, it was a week where everyone was tripping over themselves to be the next show to crap the bed. Only 2 shows get any real credit this week. As for terribad, it didn’t happen this week because nobody can be arsed without my fantasy football opponent nor a certain aniblogger based in Northern Ireland. Maybe next week for that. As for the lack of Lagrange, it’s not dropped…yet.

Currently Airing Top 5

It’s an odd looking rain today.

Sengoku Collection

And we got a 2nd Ieyasu episode this week. It looked like a tense filled story where she has doubts about becoming an idol because it isn’t fun anymore. Of course that wouldn’t be the case as the Brechtian alienation device is once again employed by this series to actually make that plot a film. Despite that, I still thought it was another fun episode where even the fake plot would have been a fine episode on its own. As for Ieyasu, it’s nice to see that she brings the attitude of global conquest to her career as an idol.

There’s something about KyoAni and sad people standing in the snow.


What I got out of this episode is that Satoshi is a coward. To the detriment of everyone around him, he tries to get out of situations that will change the relationships around him. The thing that I found most interesting is that everyone who knows him seems to have come to understand this aspect of him. He know longer plays that arcade game to win in order to maintain his friendship with Hotarou. He hides the chocolate because he’s afraid of having to answer her feelings. What I can say is that this was a Valentine’s Day episode that only Hyouka could do. As for the other relationship in this series, the sexual frustration/shipping arc continues another week.

Over 10 years in the future, NASA will only just be getting to using Kinect-level technology.

Space Brothers

This was an episode that was about teaching life lessons through driving heavy machinery and lawnmowers. If that doesn’t captivate you, I don’t know what will. Anyway, Mutta is now fully involved in the selection process in Houston. However, he has to worry about the fact that one of the people involved in the selection process was passed over by Hibito for landing on the moon. Considering that this is set in the future, I have a hard time believing that this Azuma would be that unprofessional, if he is going to exclude Mutta it will be on merit alone. On the one hand, this episode did provide the most action set in space to date in the series. On the other, Mutta’s quest to find stable employment is now at 6 months.

You do not turn down this offer. Ever.

Kokoro Connect

I really wish this show had more faith in the characters other than Inaba and Taichi. In this latest arc, everyone apart from Taichi could turn into a younger version of themselves for 5 hours a day. Plus, Taichi’s basically been told that he has to fulfill the white knight role to get them out of this. The very same role he’s been filling the entire series. The new Heartseed is basically the same as the old one, but he must be under the impression that the audience for this show loves Taichi. The best way out of this probably has to do with kissing the two girls after him, having Yui fight that other girl and rekindling Taichi’s love for Yui. That sounds about right.

2, erm, 4 reasons to watch Dog Days this summer. There’s just so much happening that the beach episode and concert episode have to happen simultaneously.

Dog Days’

That potential fight hinted at the end of the last episode where Adel looked like she would join in and kick some ass was…completely skipped over. The first half of the episode was entirely beach episode/concert as though nothing had happened at all. The second half turned into the 1057th different body switching plot of the season. Oh what the hell, there was enough Yukikaze to just about justify putting it this high.

The Rest of the Week

You need lots of this if you are going to enjoy marathoning this season.

Moyashimon Returns

This was the final episode this week and it pretty much summed up the entire season. Absolutely nothing had changed apart from Haruka being a little happier and some Japanese college students improving a girl’s family life in the French countryside. For as long a delay as it was from the first season to this, I was a little perplexed that they would end up making something that felt like a transitional story on to a 3rd season.

Apart from the episode where Haruka was on an adventure in France, I can hardly remember anything else that was compelling over the longer term. If there does end up being a 3rd season, it will have to be more adventurous than this. Something that captures the fun essence of the first season along with actually settling some of these relationships that are left hanging. It might be a while though. (74.75/100)

This week, Jintai runs into a wall repeatedly.

Humanity Has Declined

The clock is moved back even further as Watashi is back in school. Remembering that she was one of the last set of graduates of this school will probably be important at the end of this particular arc. There is a lot that could be read in this episode. It could be a post-apocalyptic take on an all-girls school for example. It could also be read as schooling that is completely individually driven. Regardless, it wasn’t an episode that was meant to be explicitly funny. Where the last arc showed the fairies great and whimsical collective effort, I think this is about destructive individualism. Unfortunately, I don’t think this episode really got its commentary on modern society across well at all.

The Updated Seasonal Ranking

Season Rank Year Rank Change Anime
1 2 Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
2 4 ↑1 Sengoku Collection
3 6 Kokoro Connect
4 11 ↓1 Moyashimon Returns
5 12 Rinne no Lagrange
7 17 ↑1 Uchuu Kyoudai
6 20 ↓3 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
8 21 ↑1 Hyouka
9 28 ↑2 Dog Days’


SYD is one of those shows where you can take screencaps like this and know exactly what is happening

Seitokai Yakuindomo

I can’t believe how little this 4th OVA stood out from the anything else in this series. It largely sticks to the same comedic formula of perverted jokes with the occasional joke about how Suzu is really small in case it wouldn’t have been bludgeoned into you over 16 episodes. The particular plot elements of this episode are Suzu’s family dog’s trip to the school, a trip to Aria’s home, a typhoon-enforced overnight stay at Tsuda’s home and some summer fireworks. Only the first really impressed me and that was only because of the dog’s display of responsibility on its way to the high school. I wouldn’t expect much different from the next OVA because there is no intent to deviate from the formula.

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  1. Interesting how you now have Jintai as the top show of the season, and #2 of the year compared to when you dismissed it in your summer preview post based on the premise.

    Episode 11 has less social commentary than the other ones. Although there is some of it, it seems more like an episode used to flesh out Watashi’s character in the final moments, and to conclude the series.

    Going back to your comment about the space probes arc, my interpretation is that it was a critique on how humanity was treating the Earth like an afterthought. The whole village was more interested in space exploration than improving their living situation, while you have a couple of nonhumans who would prefer to live on Earth, and even thought of themselves as humans when their memories had been damaged. They did not look forward to heading back out to space at all and had an appreciation for Earth that the humans did not.

    1. That’s an interesting take on the space probes and it seems worthy of discussion, though I don’t think my blog here is quite the venue it deserves. As for the season preview, I’m glad someone went back and read it. The plot premises on the charts that go around before the season really didn’t do a very good job of explaining what each show was about. That’s why I at least give each show a shot before delving in.

      By the way, the weakness of that ranking for the year is that it is heavily dependent on what else I am watching. That’s the nature of going week-by-week with an average. I have another separate ranking I was going to put up after this season to show where all of my completed series rank.

  2. Oohhhhh …. I screwed up there. I don’t know how I almost ended duplicating a portion of my post.

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