Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 11 – The. Show. Has. Stopped. Making. Any. Sense.

This actually happened

The 11th episode of Koichoco allowed super-agent Yuuki to partner with Michiru to complete a rescue of Kana before getting married to Chisato. There was also the matter of a bit of sad girl crying bonding between Chisato and Mifuyu. In addition, Yuuki has also taken the lead in the presidential polls, but that comes at a price. Finally, in a rather bizarre disclosure, ludicrous amounts of money pass through the school illegally. If none of this makes sense, you aren’t alone.

This would work better if this was a yuri series. Neither of you need Yuuki

So first let’s start with the little romantic resolution we had in this episode. Chisato and Mifuyu had their conversation in the dark room and the end result proved to be that the former is now able to eat chocolate and see Yuuki for who he is. As for Mifuyu, the whole fact that she still can’t get over that scar is completely ignored by everyone.

Poor Daiki-kun gets left out of everyone’s memories except for the whole getting hit by the truck thing.

The second half of the episode contrives to throw Chisato and Yuuki into a mock wedding ceremony. Why would a random stranger need people to do this? It ultimately ends up being a group of strangers watching a pair of people they don’t know pretend to get married. Anyway, it serves to confirm that Yuuki does love Chisato. I think that particular angle was settled as Mouri gave away Yuuki’s feelings in an early exposition dump.

So his eyes can open

As for the election, Yuuki’s managed to pull out into a lead though he is still polling below 40%. I wish we would get something from the other 2 campaigns since it seems like they have done absolutely nothing since Yuuki’s blood-and-tears campaign speech. That seems to have escaped the writers though; having candidates campaign during an election. However, judging by the quality of the candidates it’s a clash between a dodgy guy who can’t even buy votes, an incompetent Finance commissioner and a guy who seems as interesting as the guy from the Dos Equis adverts by comparison.

It’s a magic harmonica, greater than all of the medical technology available in the world.

Finally, here’s a look at the various plot points that didn’t make any sense. Kana’s treatment at the hospital is supposed to be a massive secret. Yet, they use her actual name to be placed on the sign outside her door. I guess it’s some sort of effort to hide her in plain sight. Also, the very fact that student fees have been paying for Kana’s treatment is supposed to be a secret that could bring down the entire Public Safety Commission. So to fight that, Yuina will try to destroy Yuuki’s campaign so that evidence could come to light anyway. That’s only the more complicated absurdities of this episode.

Three idiots arguing up on a stage, where the hell is the moderator?

There is also the horribly incompetent associate of Mouri’s who gives Yuuki’s cell phone to him so he can conveniently place a call. Plus there are hundreds of agents and spies in school uniforms that let Michiru through because they didn’t put a single person in Kana’s room. Michiru’s terrible song on the harmonica has the power to wake people from a coma. But there’s even more. The biggest one being the billions of yen that just happen to pass through the school. I have to wonder if Satsuki sees all those zeroes and thinks they are just errors, month-after-month-after-month.

Presented without comment

With seemingly the only matter left unsettled being the election itself, the episode ends on a rather strange note. Yuuki and Chisato being tased as the ending music kicked in. That means next week will be lots of hostage negotiation with Yuina insisting that Yuuki drop out of the race. It’s probably as though Yuina never considered that it would be strange that the candidate at the top of the polls would just withdraw for no reason. Because Koichoco?

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  1. Wait. You mean you couldn’t see the last two episode trainwreck coming from a MILE away? They had this potentially epic plot squished into One Cour, and the result is one of the worst Pacing Trainwrecks I’ve seen since Angel Beats.

    1. Actually I’ve pretty much seen it coming since the episode after the primaries. Way too much time spent on fixing Satsuki and Hazuki before getting into the real story. I don’t know if having twice the length would make this a fantastic story though.

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