Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 13 – Calling it Mysogynisitic to Sound Cool

If she were really angry, she would be doing more than rocking that chair

It turns out there was a special episode of Haganai included with some game all the cool kids are playing these days. Such is my commitment to this franchise that I had to continue on writing about it. No, I don’t do it out of some obligation like my regularly scheduled viewings of bad anime or writing about anthropomorphized guns or ridiculous harem spy thrillers, but because I sincerely like most of these character. This time, they spend their time writing a novel that makes no sense. It’s ultimately just about reintroducing the characters in anticipation of the second season coming next year.

Someone is pleased at the masterpiece of erotic fiction they just completed.

The usual pattern for this series has always been Kodaka having to deal with the various eccentricities of the club members around him. So Sena and Yozora always fight each other, the same with Kobato and Maria while Rika just overtly acts on her perverted instincts while Yukimura is a bit more subtle but essentially the same. This episode did nothing to change that dynamic at all.

Kodaka activates his rape face, ugh.

I’ll just pretty much cover my thoughts in the order this episode went. First out of the gate was Yukimura who retold a Sengoku-era story with Kodaka as the main character. Kodaka was also portrayed as raping women for fun. Make that the first reference to rape, in this case as a sign of one’s manliness. In typical Yukimura fashion, it all pretty much fell apart as more fuel was provided for Rika’s dream ship of Kodaka x Yukimura.

Kodaka is depicted her about to walk away from Yozora’s vision of Sena being raped by monsters.

Then came Yozora’s turn, which pretty much revolved around Sena being raped by monsters. Make that 2 uses of rape, this time as a tool for humiliation. Before turning Kodaka into a lolicon. So Yozora was able to humiliate all 3 of the characters who had featured in the story to this point. The only positive that came out of this was Sena not being called Meat by Yozora.

Kodaka’s story is so tame I skipped ahead to Sena’s depiction of Yozora here.

Kodaka stepped in to undo the damage that had been done by Yozora and Yukimura, as he usually does. However, that was all ruined by Sena stepping in to write the next chapter and promptly getting revenge on Yozora by making herself God and making Yozora lick her feet. Then fulfilling her own perverted sadist fantasy with Kodaka. Back in the real world, Yozora demands an apology for being humiliated in the story. Of course it never comes and Sena’s pride demands that she runs away…until Kobato starts writing.

You must apologize to this face

Kobato’s story was rather interesting mainly as it was a clearly inspired work of overambitious fan fiction. In the space of a couple of pages, she tries to satisfy her own brocon desires within the confines of the anime series she loves. It was one of those cases of a story not fitting its purpose, even if it probably would have been the most well-written parts of this story. I think it was portrayed pretty well.

Nope, this isn’t disturbing at all after what has already happened.

Maria then set about destroying Kobato’s grand vision by killing her only after having her covered with animal feces. Rika finished it all off in her own unique way. That would be a sudden transition to a mecha battle in space. Which quickly turned into mecha BL and Kodaka x Yukimura porn. What was probably the only thing that could be taken away from that is the fact that it was essentially throwing the mecha database at the scene. Everything was compared to something in another mecha series. As a result, the entire scene had no meaning or plot. Rika wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rika then goes about plagiarizing a typical Gundam 00 battle.

Afterwards, with the utter mess of creating a story behind them, the episode briefly addresses the idea of love, which was prompted by Rika’s observation that sex scenes seem to make everyone problems go away. Kodaka reads the growing tension in the room about who he will end up choosing by reminding them that they have something more important to do first. That serves as yet another reminder that despite the fact they are friends, none of them will acknowledge that fact.

There was something about new character designs, but I’m not seeing it.

So overall, as I said earlier this was largely a reintroduction to the cast of characters. The use of rape as a comedic device was troubling, though. Yukimura’s use of it proving more so since I think the spoiler involving Yukimura’s character is pretty well-known by now. For Yozora and Sena, it really was part of their continued game of humiliating the other, and they do have a tendency to never hold back regardless of societal expectations. For now, I expect the 2nd season will continue with the same dilemma that was highlighted at the end. Because of Kodaka, the group could become friends, but at the same time it may not last because of him.