12 Days of Something II: Pointless Debate #31 – The Interrogation Post

This is not relevant to anything in this post.
This is not relevant to anything in this post.

There was this post game thing that was going around back in August. I answered a few of the questions, but I never actually got around to publishing it. Basically is was some questions proposed by someone followed by my own proposed questions to go on to the next person, but as the time is long since passed, that last part never happened. Unlike someone who wants to see Ryan Giggs answer the unsolvable question below some District 9 fanart, I tried the best that I could to legitimately answer these questions..

1. What kind of show makes it into your all time favourites?

Looking at my list of favorites which will eventually make up my 500th post, there are a few things that standout. It can’t have been made in the last 3 years, if it was made by Gainax or was an 80s or 90s Ghibli movie it will likely be a favorite. But those are more measures of how I rate them in the end. If we are really talking about favorites, I really like to see something that challenges an audience, even if it fails in it’s attempt to do something. Make an idea seem larger than it really is, create a world that is larger than just the characters involved, intentionally have me laugh at well-constructed jokes and I will come to like this show.

2. If you had to move to any anime world which would you choose & why?

It would be easy to say Fractale before anything bad happened there, but bad stuff ends up happening as lazy society ends up collapsing in on itself. Even going through some of the series that I like it I end up picking shows from a modern realistic world, a dystopian future where war is a constant or the past where I would end up working in the fields were I actually there. So really I just want to end up in a nice relaxing place where only fun stuff seems to happen. So with the potential of space travel and aliens in a really nice place, I’ll just go with Cat Planet Cuties Asobi ni Iku yo!.

3. Guilty Pleasures – do you have any?

Well sure, but before I get started I have to say that the whole idea that a guilty pleasure is a misnomer is false. When you go watch local actors act out a play, or some kids kicking a ball around a field, you can enjoy it while knowing that they are nothing compared to the people who get paid millions to do those same activities. So you could say I actually did enjoy the crazy geopolitics and illegal chess moves of Code Geass for example. But really, how could I not go with Cipher for the fact that it contains Phil Collins music.

4. When looking at new shows, is there anything that instantly makes you go “MUST WATCH NOW!”?

As much as I hate to say it, there really isn’t anything that compels me to watch repeated episodes. Hell, I managed to hold off on watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes week after week, and it legitimately took me more than 3 years to watch it all.

5. How long have you been an anime fan? Do you think the interest will ever fade?

I don’t know if I could pin a specific date. I just know it was some time in the mid-to-late 90s when I could look that sort of thing up on the internet with a 14.4k modem. As far as interest fading, I think the larger issue with that comes from the fandom itself and the simple fact that I’m not going to be around forever (barring discovering that I am a descendent of Connor MacLeod). I’d also like to point out that this is actually 2 questions.

And just before I could get this posted, Orange at Daifuuku (I didn’t think any of them knew I existed to be honest) got another set in:

6. Which food has the most pleasant smell?

If you have ever been awake early in the morning near a bakery, you will know exactly what smell I am thinking of. I can’t imagine being around that smell and ever being angry or sad.

7. What’s your favourite and least favourite character archetype?

For favorite, I don’t think I can pin it to a particular archetype. I’m more than happy with characters that seem to act like real people would in that situation. Whether that is by showing weakness or strength under adversity depends on how well they have been constructed. As far as least, the idea of Yuji Everylead seemed to pop into my head immediately.

8. What kind of background music would you like to go with your ideal anime?

At this very moment, I’m imagining the second half of Jormungand with music by Hans Zimmer. Alright, that’s probably a little unfair, but I’m a big fan of massive orchestral scores with the occasional electronic edge thrown on it.

9. How can you save the world from alien invasion with a roll of aluminum foil and an orange-shaped coffee mug?

I go up to the leader of the aliens and show off the roll of foil as a solid sheet. Since it looks like metal, I then crush it up into a ball and stuff it into the coffee mug. Hopefully this shows that humans are capable of bending even the strongest of metals to this alien. Otherwise I get out the art book for Asobi ni Iku Yo! and hope they have my level of taste.

10. What is the greatest invention in the history of mankind, according to your biased opinion?

As far as greatest good done for the greatest number of people, and despite the fact that one of the creators was a war criminal, I have to go for the Haber process because it has allowed industrial production of ammonia used in fertilizers and also explosives that can be used against the aliens in the example above.

Apropos of nothing, Anquan "Hokage" Boldin. It's an /sp/ FF joke.
Apropos of nothing, Anquan “Hokage” Boldin. It’s an /sp/ FF joke.

These are the questions I would have proposed if this post

1. You are able to look into a crystal ball for 30 seconds and what you see will definitely happen. You see 20 years into the future and see that you are in a room surrounded by One Piece and Naruto merchandise and that these shows are still remarkably airing that far into the future. When you stop looking into the crystal ball, you see that you can watch these shows online. Knowing that this will definitely be you in 20 years, do you immediately watch those shows?

Oh heavens no. Who is to say that my future self isn’t trolling me and putting up all that stuff just so I could look at it?

2. Is there any single show out there that you insist is fantastic, yet no one believes you, and if so what is it?

Let’s see, umm Sengoku Collection, Nekojiru Gekijou, V Gundam, Giant Killing, Hanamaru Kindergarden, C, Asobi ni Iku yo! (new record for mentioning this show in a single post) and probably the first season of Zero no Tsukaima. #ihavenotaste

3. You’ve woken up to discover that you have become the main character in a harem anime scenario in real life. Using what you know from those shows, do you change your behavior to get the ending you want, and if so what do you do differently?

I probably don’t because the simple fact that I am in that scenario means I will be as non-committal as I normally am to try to keep it going for as long as possible.

4. One day you notice a person who seems to express absolutely no emotions and seems completely unable to express themselves in a normal way, yet they seem completely devoted to everything you want them to do. Do you find this strange?


5. To finish on a lighter note, Literary Review has an annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Along those lines, what do you think is the worst portrayal of sex in either anime or manga?

Purely for the absurdity of it, any of the multitude of sex scenes that are in Golgo 13. Duke Togo and his never changing facial expression as woman after woman throws themselves on top of him. It’s horribly sexist, yet the genre demands that those scenes exist and also be as bad as they are.

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Something II: Pointless Debate #31 – The Interrogation Post”

  1. There’s an anime with Phil Collins music in it? Only in the 80’s. I now have to track this down. I’m a sucker for when an anime includes a song from a well known Western artist in it’s soundtrack (Eden of the East7/Oasis and Maison Ikkoku/Gilbert Sullivan come to mind).

    Interesting responses. You seem to be really open minded when it comes to anime fandom.

    1. Yeah, Cipher pretty much plays out as more of a series of music videos with 80s music played over top of it than anything else. I always try to keep an open mind when it comes to things. Although if you are looking for Western music in anime, one of the best in my opinion is the Warsaw Philharmonic in Princess Nine. It makes the show seem remarkably better than it probably is.

  2. I actually legit dug parts of Cipher, if only for the sheer force of ’80s and the novelty of presentation. I had no idea what the fuck was happening, but it’s interesting for what it is. Certainly not as painful as a lot of the dreck we watch in terribad.

    There used to be a bakery in my neighborhood, but it disappeared at least a decade ago. That was a sad time. 😦

    You know I’m your brother in Giant Killing, and I enjoyed Hanamaru Kindergarten, as well. And eventually I’ll watch the good parts of Sengoku Collection — of which it appears there are many!

    1. Cipher is one of the best terribad when compared to proper anime. I think I gave it something like a 7 on MAL. And as for Sengoku Collection, you will hear more of it in a couple days.

  3. When it comes to AsoIku, I fully agree. It’s widely underestimated.

    As to a show I think is fantastic, that would be Divergence Eve. Everyone I’ve convinced to watch it agrees with me, that it’s a lot better than the character art would suggest.

      1. I’ve been told that the character designer usually worked on H-games. This was a situation where the director had to make some serious compromises. He had an exellent story to tell, but in order to get the production funded he had to lard it up with fan service. And it detracts from the story, and he knew it did.

        But it does have a really good story to tell. (If you watch Misaki Chronicles afterwards, because that’s the second half of the story.) It’s science fiction horror, and it’s well done. And Misaki Chronicles has a really amazing ending.

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