12 Days of Something II: 5 Anime for the Apocalypse

I know we all can't be as excited about the end of the world as she is.
I know we all can’t be as excited about the end of the world as she is.

As you know, the end of the world is approaching. For some of you out there, that may involve getting in the last few episodes of your favorite shows just as another hidden planet or comet crashes into Earth. Having made the tragic mistake of paying actual money to watch 2012 when it came out, I don’t want you to make the same mistake as I did in choosing the right shows to watch today. Instead, these should provide just enough for you to get by in case you survive.

Just think of this as the fashion of the future
Just think of this as the fashion of the future

1. Sora no Woto

Alright, so the end of the world wasn’t caused by a comet. Instead, the French united to conquer the rest of the world leaving vast wastelands of unusable desert and oceans. That’s perfectly okay as you can now see how a crew of cute girls come together to guard a military base, keep the townspeople safe and fight with a bizarre tank. As for some difficulties you may have, you would unfortunately be stuck speaking French. And that language that is jokingly referred to as moon runes would now have as much meaning as that on tie-dyed t-shirts.

2. Highschool of the Dead

So it ended up being a zombie apocalypse. Don’t worry too much as you can refer to this highly realistic story of surviving the zombie hoard. That group of people that you think have also survived will actually become your biggest threat as society breaks down and morality is just tossed out the window. Also, there are also lessons in this story about improvising weapons and improving inter-gender relations. The latter is probably more helpful if you are going to live for the long haul.

3. Guilty Crown

So a mysterious virus has caused the world to go crazy. At least in this scenario you wont have to worry too much about protecting yourself. You have a crazy superpower hidden in your heart, so even you can turn into Wolverine at the snap of a finger. You would also be well advised to not be extremely gullible like the other characters in this series. Just remember that personality cults can be extremely powerful things and that you may want to consider your relationship with those in authority from time to time.

That's the archivist of the future.
That’s the archivist of the future.

4. Humanity Has Declined

So the apocalypse wasn’t that much of a single event as the beginning of a slow decline for humanity. So watching this series will be more of a lesson for your distant descendants. And they probably won’t have the technology to watch this anyway. So really, just tell your children to read the light novels and preserve those. That way, they will be able to see the creative destruction wreaked by the next evolution of humanity, even if they are short little fairies. And also, it may play a crucial role in telling future generations to preserve all of the fiction that involves boys becoming more than friends.

5. School Days

This is a completely different approach in that you should watch this to embrace the coming apocalypse. You can think of the world of this series as a representation of real life. Kids entering into sexual relationships at will and causing cruel pain to each other. It’s a land where rich people can literally get away with murder and run away on sailing trips to get away from the police for a little while. It was also a land where people were mean to each other for the sake of doing so. If you think of this as the representative anime of the present, the coming apocalypse is a chance for you to shape the world into something completely different.

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