12 Days of Something II: 7 Hours on a Sunday

“Come on Buffalo! Fuck him up!” I yelled at my monitor on the first NFL Sunday in September. Looking back, trying to will a team as bad as Buffalo to try to inflict pain on Mark Sanchez was asking too much. As we would later learn, he was more than capable of doing it to himself.

So what may you ask was the purpose of that opening paragraph? The simple fact is that thanks to advances in technology one is now able to spend entire Sunday afternoons watching continuous commercial-free American football while chatting with a group of people on Skype. This alone wouldn’t have really been enough to have created a reason for a group of anime fans to come together to do this. No, there had to be a fantasy football league run along side it, which wrapped up this past weekend in this order.

  1. Stupid Sexy Psyducks – kadian1364
  2. The Commissars – Crusader
  3. Baoh’s Laser Cannon – Me
  4. TBN Hybrid Rainbows – TheBigN
  5. Muv Luv Lovers – DreamKatari
  6. 765 All-Pro – Aeroblip
  7. Popee Warner Team – Shinmaru
  8. Calvin’s Heroes – JoeAnimated
  9. MoeKawaiiUguu – Lerxst2112
  10. Touchback♥PrettyCure – krizzlybear
  11. Team SoloMidfield – AJtheFourth
  12. Andrew Lucky ☆ Star – kevo’

So really all this tells you is that for the most part there are lots of weaboo team names and that the guy who is madly into stats with fantasy games triumphed over everyone. Though I would add I beat him in the final regular season week, but that means nothing.

So each week these calls would take place at the same time, also including processr, (no mean feat considering he’s 6 hours ahead) and remarkably we would be able to create memes on our own within the call. The best of these was probably kevo’s invented nickname for Anquan Boldin. Hokage. Believe it. Dream’s desire to see college style offense would unfortunately have to wait another year. Packers tight end Jermichael Finley became so well known for dropping passes to him that he recently became known as CG Jermichael Finley because only a computer could animate him catching the ball. Also talk of TAINTs and FARTs because watching quarterbacks fail over and over, then reading about it in the middle of the week was fun too.

Shinmaru predicted this interception 10 seconds before it happened.

Meanwhile, within the league itself, kevo would always pick the wrong QB to start every week. Kadian would manage to pick one off of waivers who would perform well. I both lost by 3 yards one week and won due to a garbage time 2 point conversion. Needless to say there was never a dull moment when it came to this league with me.

Ultimately though, it was really the conversation that made things fun. Talking about random things in the middle of calls was standard. Come Sunday night, kevo would start counting his Anime Power Ranking ballots he had received. That would lead to lamenting at how people would vote for Sword Art Online, and how much my ballot didn’t matter in the final count at all. Yes, that happened a lot.

So to recap, get a bunch of anime fans into something that has nothing to do with anime and watch the creativity flow. Not exactly the most original message there, but 14 of the last 16 Sundays have been extremely fun, even those 2 I missed back in October had me wishing I could be back just for the call.

And that concludes 12 Days for another year. Feel free to share any memories you have of the year if you so feel like in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Something II: 7 Hours on a Sunday”

  1. hahaha oh my god that angle on Philip Rivers’ interception makes it even more inexplicable than it was before. Where the hell was he throwing the ball?! (Aside from to the Buccaneers, that is.)

    Looking forward to the (actual NFL) playoffs! Hopefully at least a couple of the first round games will air early enough for me to hop in on a call or two.

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of like someone playing Madden and just panic hitting a button as they try to avoid a sack. Not that I have any experience with that…

  2. My Raiders are still as bad as ever. Due to this, Draft day has become the highlight of my football year (except of course the crappy 2012 were the Raiders had no first or second round draft picks). Figures.
    I wonder if we’ll ever get an anime with American football. Think Girls und Panzer but with Mike Ditka and Clay Mathews instead of tanks.

    1. As long as the ghost of Al Davis doesn’t force you to draft speed, and only speed, they should recover. As far as American Football in anime, I think it’s pretty much just Eyeshield 21. I haven’t actually watched it though.

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