Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 03 – Insecurities and Loopholes

A quiet summer night was suddenly disturbed by the intrusion of a dark figure.
A quiet summer night was suddenly disturbed by the intrusion of a dark figure.

So again Haganai goes with a two-part setup this week with a not so subtle twist at the end. The first half involves Maria showing up at Kodaka and Kobato’s place to run away from Kate, though it turns out to be nothing of the sort. The second half is lengthy take on the classic of a game played by Japanese youth in anime, the King’s Game. As I said last week, I thought it would result in nothing progressing in intra-group relationships, but Kodaka’s father had to say something.

Kobato will be further disturbed by the notion that there are people out there who want her to remain the same.
Kobato will be further disturbed by the notion that there are people out there who want her to remain the same.

A not insignificant portion of this episode was spent addressing Kobato’s body image issues. It first comes up when Maria complains that Kobato’s clothing is too tight around her chest. Then Kobato stares at Maria’s chest as she sleeps which Kodaka uses to coax her to sleep. Finally, Rika had a ridiculous cosplay outfit prepared for Kobato to wear. Which she does for only that single shot. I think my impression on this repeated joke is that it doesn’t really help anyone sympathize with Kobato as a character. It just makes her into a generic gothloli flat-chested little sister character. It’s only further reinforced every time this comes up.

She wore glasses?
She wore glasses?

The next major point I wanted to talk about in this episode is every other character’s attempts to get closer to Kodaka, which as far as I can tell is this:

  • Maria going to Kodaka’s house to spend the night (including having him brush her teeth)
  • Kate constantly calling him to check up on Maria and confirming that he is trust-worthy
  • Rika has utterly dispensed with the glasses since finding out that her look is one he favors
  • Yozora continues to try to humiliate her closest rival in front of him, but also plays the tsundere role here
  • Sena gets closer entirely through luck of the draw and realizes that she really wanted to be kissed by him, fairly
  • Yukimura. Choosing the same drink. Indirect kiss. I’m just saying…

Kodaka, as harem lead, continues to fulfill that role’s fine tradition of being completely oblivious to the feelings of the girls around him. Well played Kodaka, well played.

Kodaka had a bit of a delayed reaction to that sentence.
Kodaka had a bit of a delayed reaction to that sentence.

Finally, the conversation between Kodaka and his father threw up the twist that was the belief that Kodaka and Sena were getting married. It made me realize that all of the adult characters in this series have been working toward that. Kodaka’s father is close friends with Pegasus, which means he would probably be fine with Kodaka ending up with Pegasus’s daughter. Pegasus keeps tabs on and tries to maintain a sort of fatherly relationship with Kodaka. Also, Stella through her actions essentially screams at Sena and Kodaka to go have awkward sex like horny teenagers.

The King's Game can alter lives.
The King’s Game can alter lives.

As for the minor talking points:

  1. That fighting game from the fake anime Kobato loves seems horribly unbalanced. Being able to one-hit someone in a fighting game seems poor form.
  2. Maria’s poop-schtick is just tired now. The only thing they could do now is put a counter on the screen counting how often it’s said. Still it’s less annoying than Dennou Coil‘s obsession with it.
  3. During the King’s Game montage around the school’s campus, I was amazed there were no scenes of random students being scared by Kodaka. That’s a plus by the way.
  4. Yukimura’s character design in the next episode preview was terrifyingly bad. Get it away!
Get that thing away from me
Get that lifeless looking thing thing away from me

Next week it looks like three different trips for the club. I think it goes onsen, amusement park and laundromat in ascending order of excitement. Some of these trips seem familiar, am I alone in thinking that?

5 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 03 – Insecurities and Loopholes”

  1. Oh god Maria and Kobato’s friendship is blooming quite nicely! I really hope the two of them become best buddies, but that probably wont ever happen because they are rivals fighting for Kodaka’s attention and loveeeeeee…I will hold out hope though…

    Sena x Kodaka works for me even though everyone is like Yozora x Kodaka because they are childhood friends after all, but from my experience with these kinds of shows that doesn’t always work out that way *cough* AnoNatsu *cough* course I think Haganai has comedy as number one and romance in second or third? I just don’t get the vibe that Kodaka is interested in either girl right now.

    And what about that ending? What did Kodaka’s dad promise Sena’s father? I hope it is not some arranged marriage thing! If so I get the feeling random drama will appear in episode five or at the end of four.

    1. Maria and Kobato are in a stage of their relationship where they don’t even realize they are friends. That’s where everyone else in the club is anyway. I can see either way on the shipping Kodaka. I just believe by having been introduced to her family that Sena has the edge over Yozora. As for the ending, I’m almost certain it will be passed off as a joking comment, but it will stick in Kodaka’s head.

  2. This episode would have been so much better if they had shown less loli skin. That scene with Kobato in particular was quite off putting.

    I don’t like Maria, but I do like how Kodaka treats her as a little sister. It is kind of cute.

    I was very angry or well somewhat angry at Yozura at the end of the episode. She got in the way of my ship! How dare she.

    I think I have mentioned this before, but I really want Kodaka to marry Sena if only to get Pegasus as his dad.

    p.s. I loved Sena’s comment about how kissing as part of a game wouldn’t be nice. It showed how she has accepted her feelings (to some extent). Sena’s honesty is honestly her best attribute. Well, that and the butterfly hairpin.

    1. Kobato is being used terribly as a character in my opinion. I think it only works in Sena’s delusions and blonde little sister eroges rather than in the actual story. I think you have to get over the blockade job Yozora did on your ship, it was way too early for it to leave port. It will be better later on if their relationship does take off.

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